Meghan McCain responds to critics of her hair and makeup on 'The View': 'Let a b**** live!'

Meghan McCain knows you're talking about her hair and makeup — but it's all in the name of experimentation.

On Thursday, The View co-host addressed recent comments about her ever-changing hairstyles, ranging from sleek ponytails to curly tendril upsweeps and glittery roots, not to mention her colorful eye makeup. "People have a lot to say about me in general but in regards to my hair and makeup…" McCain tweeted. "I'm just having fun switching up, playing around and experimenting. It's COVID and I just had a baby, let a bitch live!" In September, McCain gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Liberty, with husband Ben Domenech.

Earlier this month, after criticism for a super-high ponytail she achieved with hair extensions, McCain tweeted, "Can a bitch experiment with extensions and hair pieces? It's the pandemic, I don't have that much to entertain me anymore." She also called out her "incredible, talented, creative" hairstylist Carmen Currie (who also does McCain's makeup), sharing a compilation of her work on Instagram. "Thank you…for making me feel human again after giving birth!" she wrote.

A Thursday interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki elicited jokes about the TV host going to "prom" and her "soap opera hair." Though one fan called it "art."

And a lighthearted Twitter thread compared McCain's eclectic hairstyles to decadent desserts such as pastries and cupcakes.

Last month, McCain retweeted a screenshot of herself wearing yellow eyeshadow writing, "Can a bitch experiment with her makeup?! I liked it!" Though McCain was called a Star Trek and Real Housewife cast member, one responded that experimentation is a "simple joy" during the pandemic and that her look was on-trend. "People will always find something about you they dislike because they don’t like the policy you espouse," wrote someone else.

Many joked that McCain's hairstylist was "trolling" the co-host. Currie did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Yahoo Life.

As a conservative member of The View, McCain is used to defending her opinions, but she draws the line at comments about her appearance. "I hope this doesn’t come across as arrogant in any way, but I think I’m really good at talking about politics,” she said in a March episode of The View. “It’s the only thing I think I’m really good at. But I would like to talk about politics and not have every comment be about the way I look and my weight. It makes you feel weird. Men just don’t have that problem."

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