Is Meghan Markle’s Spaghetti alla Chitarra Worth the Hype? We Cooked it to Find Out

First, it was Bella Hadid’s 19-ingredient sandwich. Then, it was Queen Elizabeth’s drop scones, followed by Snoop Dogg’s bacon. And now, we’re trying another celebrity-approved recipe.

On the latest episode of Celeb Bites, PureWow creator Juliette taught viewers how to make a brand-new recipe: Meghan Markle’s spaghetti alla chitarra. (FYI, the dish was taken from the duchess’s now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig.)

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In the video, Juliette explains that she’s taking a shortcut for the sake of time. “Meghan, in her recipe, says to make the pasta ourselves,” she says. “But obviously, I’m not that extra, so we have some fresh pasta here to substitute making the pasta.”

She confirms that the recipe can be adjusted to your liking. “[Markle] doesn’t have specific measurements for anything—she just kind of eyes it and puts it in,” Juliette adds. “So, if you like more onion or if you like more rosemary or if you like more garlic, you can add to your flavor.”

Juliette also notes that the pasta should be cooked al dente. “Meghan says you will know it's al dente when it expands a wee bit,” she explains. “Usually, when I test if it’s al dente, I just throw it at the wall, and it sticks. But Meghan uses a more visual approach to this.”

Watch the full episode above to learn more about the recipe (including the boozy secret ingredient).

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