Meghan Markle Is ‘Mortified’ by BFF Jessica Mulroney for Threatening Black Influencer Sasha Exeter

Jenzia Burgos

Things were bad enough for the Duchess of Sussex after she found out that one of her closest friends had threatened another Black woman’s career. Then, her friend decided to drag her into it. Now, Meghan Markle is “mortified” by Jessica Mulroney’s white privilege “feud”—which we’re air-quoting, because let’s be real: Her actions aren’t a matter of dispute, debate, or disagreement. Racist behavior is racism, period.

Mulroney, 40, first made headlines on June 12 after Black influencer Sasha Exeter called out the I Do, Redo star for using “textbook white privilege” to target and threaten her over a Black Lives Matter post. The blogger took to Instagram to share a lengthy IGTV video exposing the “threat in writing” that Markle’s friend sent after she...

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