Megan Mullally’s Revealing New Album Cover ‘Saved a Lot Of Money on Wardrobe’

Megan Mullally
Megan Mullally (Photo: Getty Images)

You know Megan Mullally as vodka-swilling layabout Karen Walker on Will & Grace, the NBC sitcom that’s returning for a limited season in 2017-18. But she’s also half of the punk-vaudeville band Nancy and Beth (her singing partner’s real name is Stephanie Hunt), and the band has a self-titled music release coming out on April 7; tickets for the tour are available now.

The duo’s first single, “Please Mr. Jailer,” was just released, with a video directed by Mullally. Yahoo Style talked with Mullally about that very revealing album cover, musical fashion inspirations — and, of course, that Member’s Only jacket worn by Karen’s maid, Rosario (Shelley Morrison), on Will & Grace.

Photo: Nancy and Beth
Photo: Nancy and Beth

Yahoo Style: I love the album cover. Megan, do you ever have nightmares of waking up naked on stage?
Megan Mullally: Strangely, I’m modest to the point that Nick (Offerman, her husband) has never seen me naked. So, yes. That image just came into my mind one day, both the back and front covers together, and I couldn’t shake it. Saved a lot of money on wardrobe, that’s for sure.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Randy Newman and Tom Waits. Nina Simone, Patty Griffin, Joni Mitchell. Louis Armstrong. Dinah Washington. The White Stripes. Willie Nelson. So many. Music is very important to me. I like artists from any genre or era that you can connect with emotionally. Music that is soulful or bluesy is my favorite, but that can come in many forms.

If you could raid the closet of any musician, who would it be and why?
Well, Bowie, obviously.

(Photo: Giphy)
(Photo: Giphy)

How do you feel about the Will & Grace reboot that’s coming this year? What can fans expect?
I think it’s going to be quite similar laughs-per-minute-wise to the first go-round. And then of course you’ll have the benefits of the four of us older-but-wiser girls. Lot of hyphenates in that sentence.

Has Karen matured?

Does the Member’s Only jacket still exist?
Of course! We wouldn’t be allowed back on TV without it.

Megan Mullally as Karen Walker and Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar wearing the infamous Members Only jacket in 'Will & Grace' (Photo: NBC/Getty Images)
Megan Mullally as Karen Walker and Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar wearing the infamous Members Only jacket in ‘Will & Grace’ (Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

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