Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are ‘Still Not in a Good Place’ Even After Her Instagram Statement

One week after the couple's Super Bowl weekend relationship drama, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are still figuring out their future—and Fox has regrets about making their issues as public as she did. A source told People yesterday that Fox and Kelly are “still not in a good place.”

They could get there soon enough though, the source admitted: Their relationship is crazy and intense, yet it wouldn't be shocking if they were back together completely by the end of the week.”

The update comes after Fox broke her silence on cheating rumors surrounding her and Kelly. Fox sparked speculation that Kelly may have cheated on her last weekend when she unfollowed him on Instagram, removed almost all her photos with him, and captioned her latest Instagram with the Beyoncé Lemonade lyric, “You can taste the dishonesty / it's all over your breath.”

She added further fuel to fan rumors that Kelly may have cheated on her with a woman named Sophie when she replied to a comment that said, “He probably got with Sophie,” with “maybe I got with Sophie.” Fans believed this Sophie was Sophie Lloyd, Kelly's guitarist.

megan fox and machine gun kelly in new york city on june 9, 2022
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Fox commented on Lloyd's Instagram this weekend to debunk that rumor, saying her intention had been to kill that rumor, not make it seem more realistic: “How me making a joke in order to absolve this girl of a hurtful accusation somehow turned into a confirmation of it - I will never understand,” Fox wrote. “Why are people so…so dumb. Sophie you are insanely talented. Welcome to Hollywood. Your first unwarranted PR disaster. You have now been baptized by the flames of fame. It only gets worse from here unfortunately. Just ignore it as much as you can ❤️ middle finger up.”

megan fox's comment to sophie lloyd
Megan Fox’s comment to Sophie LloydInstagram

She reactivated her Instagram too this weekend and deleted all other posts but her statement that there was no other people involved in her issues with Kelly. “There has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind. That includes but is not limited to actual humans, DMs, AI bots, or succubus demons,” Fox wrote, ending her post with, “You need to let this story die and leave all of these innocent people alone now.”

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The source told People that Fox does regret her Instagram activity that sparked breakup rumors, as she had been acting emotionally at the time. “She's now posted that there was no cheating, but she initially thought there was and now is backtracking a bit,” the source said. “She was definitely hinting at infidelity with her first post. She regrets making it all so public, but was really upset in the moment.”

Kelly has not commented on their issues.

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