Megan Amram Didn't Win Her Emmy So Now It's Time for Revenge

There are a lot of things that make The Good Place one of the best shows on TV, including stuff that we can't get into without ruining it. But there's the amazing cast, the at times super violent philosophy lessons, and too much fried shrimp. There's also the writing, nonstop puns, and food gags, and a lot of the credit for that goes to one of the show's writers, Megan Amram, who by any metric deserves an Emmy.

With that in mind, Amram tried to shoehorn her way into a nomination by creating An Emmy for Megan. And because the universe is just, she pulled off two nominations—Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series and Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

But, because the universe is cruel and inconstant, Amram didn't win in either category. On Saturday, the Creative Arts Emmyswere announced, with the rest coming later this month, and congratulations instead to James Corden's Next James Corden and Christina Pickles, respectively, for snagging the awards, but with all due respect this is a sign that summer has truly ended and now everything green and good is starting to die.

But hey, this means that An Emmy for Megan isn't going to be a one-off.

We don't envy anyone who's on Amram's bad side, but the Emmys could have avoided this altogether. Hell, the fact that they didn't invent an award to give her years ago for "Paula Deen's Health Food Cookbook" is borderline criminal, so whatever comes next is entirely on their heads.