Meet the YouTuber whose viral 'study with me' series is bringing artistry and design to note-taking

Jasmine Shao, also known as Studyquill, is a college student, artist author and YouTuber who's known for her design-focused note-taking and journaling videos.

Video Transcript


JASMINE SHAO: Hey, guys. In today's video, I'll be showing you the best dupes for the zebra mild liners, and showing you all the details, so you can hopefully decide which one will be the best for you.

My name is Jasmine, and I'm a YouTuber also known as Studyquill. When I was growing up, my first-ever dream job was always to be an artist. Being a first-generation immigrant household, there's definitely a sense that you need a stable career, and you can't really find that in the creative sphere. And as a result, my studies were always the number one priority in my life.

I thought I might as well make a bit more fun out of what can sometimes seem like just dusty textbook pages. I started posting on YouTube in September of 2016, around the beginning of my freshman year of high school. My first viral video was my video tutorial about how to take pretty notes in the style that I sort of popularized in my study with me videos. It was my first-ever video to hit one million, and that was really shocking to me as a 15-year-old high schooler.

I feel proud of the community I've been able to build. Based on the comments and messages that I get, it feels like I've been able to affect people's lives and help them improve in their schoolwork. It was really encouraging to know that lots of people are interested in what I talk about. Maybe I was doing something right, in that people wanted to see this content. Stereotypically, being focused on your studies is seen as a negative trait, a nerd or geek persona. So I thought I would spread that mindset of being positive about learning.