Meet Ricochet, the Surf Therapy Golden Retriever Working with Veterans and Children with Special Needs

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Ricochet on surf board
Ricochet on surf board

Courtesy of Judy Fridono

Judy adopted Ricochet, a very talented golden retriever, when she was just a puppy. At only 8 weeks, the pupper jumped on top of a boogie board in a kiddie pool. Surprised at her great balance, Judy knew Ricochet had something special. Little did she know this incredible dog would learn to surf, and in the process, help children and veterans take to the ocean and experience the healing power of the water.

After that initial kiddie pool experience, Judy taught Ricochet the ways of the waves. Now, 13 years later, Ricochet has become an avid surfer who takes pride in being one of the OG surf dogs on the beach!

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As a dog-handler team, Judy and Ricochet met an adaptive surfer in 2009. Judy thought that getting both Ricochet and the little boy on their surfboards would show them each what they have in common. After catching a few waves on their boards, Ricochet decided to jump on his board to ride some waves together! Judy says it was from that moment on she knew that Ricochet was made to help bring joy and healing to other people's lives through surfing.

Even though Ricochet is a very special dog (with some incredible skills), she still loves doing regular doggy activities when she's not surfing. In fact, when she's not on her board catching a wave, the pooch is often found chasing gophers, squirrels, seagulls, and even her dog sibling, Corey. But for the most part, Judy says Ricochet enjoys combining her surfboard talents with her ability to help others in need. What a good girl!