Meet Prince Edward’s Children—Why They Don’t Have HRH Titles

If you’re obsessed with the Royal Family tree, you must be wondering who Prince Edward’s children are.

As the youngest of Queen Elizabeth’s children, Prince Edward married his wife Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999 after dating her for six years. They met through her friend who he was dating at the time and reconnected at a promotion shoot for the Prince Edward Summer Challenge. Since then, they had two loving children who live on the royal legacy. After Prince Phillip’s death and the rise of King Charles, Edward attained the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

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However, their children do not have HRH titles as a choice from the parents. “We try to bring them up with the understanding they are very likely to have to work for a living,” Sophie told the Times of London. “Hence, we made the decision not to use HRH titles. They have them and can decide to use them from 18, but I think it’s highly unlikely.” She also told BBC about keeping them out of the limelight of the royals, “Certainly when they were very young we tried to keep them out of it. Only because for their sakes, to grow up as normally as possible we felt was quite important. And they’re going to have to go out and get a job and earn a living later on in life and if they’ve had a normal a start in life they possibly can get, then hopefully that will stand them in good stead.”

In a post on the British royal family’s Instagram account in September 2022, Prince Edward revealed what he learned from Queen Elizabeth after her death. “As a family, we have grown up learning to share our parents, especially our beloved mama, with the Nation, her Realms and the Commonwealth,” he wrote. “While it has been lovely to have spent time saying our own farewell privately at Balmoral, it is now time to allow others to be able to say their farewell. We have been overwhelmed by the tide of emotion that has engulfed us and the sheer number of people who have gone out of their way to express their own love, admiration and respect to such a very special and unique person who was always there for us. And now, we are there for her, united in grief. Thank you for your support, you have no idea how much it means.”

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He continued, “The Queen’s passing has left an unimaginable void in all our lives. Sophie and I have taken huge pleasure in seeing our James and Louise enjoying the places and activities that their grandparents loved so much. Given that my mama let us spend so much time with her, I think she also rather enjoyed watching those passions blossom. Those times together, those happy memories, have now become massively precious to each and every one of us. May God bless Her Majesty and may her memory be long cherished even as the baton she has carried for these past 70 years now passes to the next generation and to my brother, Charles. Long Live The King.”

So who are Prince Edward’s children? Read more below to find out.

Who are Prince Edward’s children?

Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary

Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Born: November 8, 2003

Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary is Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones’ first child and Queen Elizabeth’s seventh grandchild. She was born prematurely after her mother experienced a placental abruption, which caused severe blood loss to both child and mother, and was delivered via caesarian section. Her father was in Mauritius during her birth since her birth was very sudden. She was born with esotropia in which she had treatment done for her in 2006 and in 2013. “Premature babies can often have squints because the eyes are the last thing in the baby package to really be finalized,” Sophie explained of Louise’s eye condition to Sunday Express which prompted her to support charities for eye work. “Her squint was quite profound when she was tiny and it takes time to correct it. You’ve got to make sure one eye doesn’t become more dominant than the other but she’s fine now—her eyesight is perfect.”

She was a bridesmaid at her cousin Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 and an attendant for her cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2013.  She adopted her grandfather’s love for carriage driving. In a rare interview in 2021, she explained their bond. “The Duke of Edinburgh has been so involved in my driving which has been lovely, but slightly scary because he invented the sport pretty much, but it’s incredible to have learned first-hand from him and definitely made us closer, I think. She continued, “After a competition, he would always ask how he went, his eyes would light up because he would get so excited when he talks about it.”

“When we would go carriage driving, first of all he’d take me on a different route every day and I did not how he’d manage to do that but he would also tell me all sorts of anecdotes about absolutely anything and everything. He’s honestly one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.”

She currently attends the University of St. Andrews studying English and where Prince William famously met Kate Middleton.

James Alexander Philip Theo, Viscount Severn

Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Image: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Born: December 17, 2007

James Alexander Philip Theo, Viscount Severn is Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones’ second child and Queen Elizabeth’s last grandchild. He was born at Frimley Park Hospital in Frimley, Surrey. He is currently 14th in line for the throne. James became styled with the courtesy title of Earl of Wessex after his father became the Duke of Edinburgh. According to Sophie, he’s “good at flipping burgers and liked to get fully involved whenever there was a family barbecue at Balmoral.”

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