Meet The Pre-Arranged Charcuterie Board That Blew Our Entire Team Away

This Pre-Arranged Charcuterie Board Blew Us AwayGabby Romero; Boarderie

From swooning over five-f00t grazing boards, charcuterie chalets, and celebrity-approved spreads, we here at Delish love snacking on meat and cheese. Charcuterie boards are a low-effort, high-reward option for feeding party guests before dinner—or even for dinner.

The popularity of meat-and-cheese spreads has grown rapidly over the past few years, with creators on Instagram and TikTok skyrocketing to social-media stardom for their elaborately decorated boards.

Now, making your own charcuterie board at home requires more than simply opening up a package of prosciutto. If you feel the pressure to make your own salami roses, buy out the entire cheese aisle, and spend hours expertly arranging your board—we don’t blame you.

So when we heard about a brand that delivers pre-arranged meat-and-cheese platters right to your door, we were curious. Boarderie fielded multiple investment offers in an episode of Shark Tank, and Oprah Winfrey even included their products in her coveted list of favorite things last year. To say it's hyped is an understatement.

It’s clear that Boarderie has a star-studded fanbase, but how do their boards actually taste? We ordered one and decided to put it to the test. The package arrived within two days—that’s an efficiency matched only by Amazon. Inside, the board was carefully padded by recyclable materials and insulated with ice packs. All we had to do was unwrap the individual compartments and eat!

boarderie package
Gabby Romero

It’s worth noting that we eat a lot of food at the Delish office: we’re always testing new recipes and trying products. When I announced that we had a charcuterie board up for grabs, I’ve never seen as many people jump out of their chairs.

We were all speechless with how beautiful this spread looked. The board included 35 different items for us to snack on, and there was truly something for everybody. We all dug in to enjoy the wide variety of meats, cheeses, and snacks.

Gabby Romero

One thing that we were especially impressed with was the dried fruit. Our associate food producer Justin Sullivan claimed that the dried mango slices were the best he’s had ever. Other editors raved over the dijon-seasoned pistachios and caramelized pecans.

But if we’re being honest, the real star was the cheese. There were 13 (!) different varieties of cheese, most of which we wouldn’t be able to find at our local grocery store. One standout was the wasabi horseradish cheddar, which paired especially well with the fig and orange marmalade.

Beyond the sheer amount of items on the board, Boarderie’s platter was also beautiful to look at. The bresaola was decoratively fanned out, the chocolate-covered espresso beans were stored in a decorative basket, and they even included adorable bamboo picks and tongs. The acacia wood board is even reusable (but we highly doubt our future spreads will look as pretty as this one).

The board we tried serves nine to ten people for $239, shipping included. We initially were skeptical of the price, but after tasting the quality and crunching the numbers, we agreed that Boarderie spreads are 100 percent worth the money. I mean, would you be able to make a platter with this many products for this many people for less?

Delish loves Boarderie so much that we’ve officially partnered with them. Now you can buy their products directly through our store. So next time you’re hosting a gathering and want to take the stress out of party planning, order a Boarderie platter. You’ll thank us later.

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