Meet the New (and Affordable) Hair Care Line That Works With Your Constant Hair Changes

form haircare
The Mulitask 3-in-1 Leave-In Lotion is one of many versatile products in FORM’s hair care lineup. (Photo: Courtesy of Walker & Company)

As a beauty director and product junkie, I’ve always imagined what it would be like to live a minimal lifestyle where all my hair care needs were fulfilled with just one line. But I switch up my look so often juggling between a shrunken Afro, Diana Ross-esque blowout, super defined twist-out, Poetic Justice box braids, and now a voluminous, curly wig that I’ve had to swap out hair products with every new ’do.

Most beauty brands focus on creating hair products based on texture, ethnicity, or some trendy ingredient, which explains my own hair care hoard. However, Walker & Company is changing the game with FORM, a new prestige hair care line that celebrates women and addresses their unique needs.

When conducting consumer insights research, brand marketing lead Cassidy Blackwell tells Yahoo Beauty, the company discovered that “73 percent of all women do not know if they’re using the right hair care products.” A former hair blogger herself, Blackwell was also shocked to learn the rapid frequency in which women change their hairstyles. “If she’s wearing her hair curly one day, it might be straight the next, and it might be braided the next week,” she explains.

Versatility was a huge driving force behind FORM. The 10-piece collection, which costs $22 to $32, includes a detoxifying shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, 3-in-1 leave-in lotion, styling cremes, and heat protectant serum. It works on all textures, even natural and chemically-processed hair.

“The important thing that we really value is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your hair to get an awesome style,” says Blackwell. So Walker & Company ditched ingredients that typically leave behind residue or weigh the hair down — like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates — and instead used a “coactive formulation” made up of aloe leaf juice, safflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. While you won’t find a “hero” product like coconut oil overpowering the sensorial experience of FORM, you’ll still get an elevated aroma with every spritz, lather, and smoothing.

FORM’s sleek packaging and rounded bottle design is also a standout. As Blackwell points out, not only is there form, but there’s function in how the product is actually delivered. Clarify, the detoxifying shampoo, possesses a needle-nose top that makes it easier to disperse the right amount of product directly onto the scalp and hair. The Multitask 3-in-1 leave-in lotion’s spray nozzle allows you to choose between a solid jet stream or soft press.

Form haircare
The FORM collection has products for all hair types and needs. (Photo: Courtesy of Walker & Company)

The personalization element is reinforced through an online consultation that poses a series of questions such as how often do you wash your hair, the types of detangling tools you use, and the thickness of an individual hair strand. Once completed, you are shown a custom hair care regimen that includes an explanation on how each of the products work. Walker & Company also unveiled the FORM Hair Microscope Analysis Process (FORM Hair M.A.P.) which entails sending in a hair sample for analyzation so their team of pros can better recommend a routine that works just for you.

I tested out my personal FORM collection at home and the salon. First, I prepped by giving my scalp a much-needed cleanse with Clarify. Product build-up and dryness was gone just after one wash, but I repeated just for good measure. Then I showed up at the salon with the rest of the products in tow and handed them over to my stylist. The Hydrate conditioner loosened and softened my tight coils. But I’d have to say that the combination of the Multitask leave-in and Protect shielding heat serum blew us both away, as they worked to cut down the time it took to blow-dry my natural hair by 15 minutes. My hairdresser Michelle also couldn’t believe she could simply fingercomb my strands. Her exact words: “When I tell you her hair isn’t that easy to manage!”

Two days later, and my hair still feels moisturized without applying any additional product. Normally, I’d be slathering on oils and creams to revive my locks and make them less lackluster. It seems FORM has given me an ounce of hope for decluttering my hair routine without getting bored with my look.

The FORM collection ($22-$32) is now available on

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