Meet Farah Dhukai, the David Blaine of Beauty Vloggers

There are beauty vloggers — and then there is Farah Dhukai. The Canadian-based YouTuber has gained a subscriber base of more than 1 million (no big deal, right?) thanks to her bizarre beauty tutorials, which include DIY treatments using ingredients we’ve never thought twice about slathering onto our faces and scalps. From a matcha green tea Ninja Turtle-inspired mask that’ll make you scream, “Cowabunga, dude!” to a teeth whitening recipe using — wait for it — turmeric, Dhukai has some of the wildest hacks out there.

Watch the video above for four of our favorite Farah Dhukai beauty tutorials. But a word of caution: Check with a physician or dermatologist before trying any of these DIYs to make sure it’s safe!

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