Meet Dr. K, the Twitch streamer and Harvard-trained psychiatrist tackling gaming addiction

Dr. Alok Kanojia, aka “Dr. K,” is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist. He and his wife, Kruti, are the co-founders of Healthy Gamer, an organization dedicated to improving mental health among gamers. He's also made a name on Twitch by streaming live therapy sessions with dozens of Twitch’s most prominent streamers. He even had a session with Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, who tragically died from suicide in July. Dr. K used to be a textbook example of the very people he’s now helping. He barely graduated college with a 2.5 GPA because one of his greatest passions also became a stumbling block: video games. After college, Dr. K spent some time in India studying to become a monk but eventually went on to study neuroscience, which led him to psychiatry. During his time studying at Harvard, he realized that none of the people at the forefront of psychiatry knew what to make of video game addiction. This is what Healthy Gamer seeks to address. It’s a peer support group where prospective clients sign up with trained coaches who are able to share the lived experience of gaming addiction