Meet the Cast of Colleen Hoover's 'It Ends With Us'

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Colleen Hoover's BookTok sensation, It Ends with Us, is finally getting the Hollywood treatment, complete with a star-studded cast.

In case you missed it, the best-selling author's romance novel, which follows Lily and Ryle, rose in popularity in 2021 after getting attention from countless readers on TikTok. And now, fans will get to see the story come to life, with director Justin Baldoni and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively starring as the main characters.

There's no trailer yet, but Sony Pictures confirmed that the release date is Friday, February 9. And according to Hoover, fans are in for a treat. She told  Today, "You guys are going to be so happy. I'm extremely happy and now my expectations are up, and I'm going to keep them there."

We'll be counting down the days until the movie drops, but until then, we're getting ourselves better acquainted with the It Ends with Us cast.

1. Blake Lively as Lily Bloom

Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

  • What else she’s been in: Gossip Girl, A Simple Favor, The Shallows, The Age of Adaline, The Town, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

In It Ends With Us, Lively plays Lily Bloom, a college graduate who moves to Boston and gets involved in a messy love triangle. The actress went through quite the transformation to bring Lily to life by dyeing her blonde hair red. And the author, Hoover, couldn't be more thrilled to have her on board. On Instagram, she said, "Blake Lively, y'all! She's my dream Lily."

Lively is best known for her iconic portrayal of Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, and she has starred in other noteworthy projects like The Age of Adaline and A Simple Favor. She has also done work behind the camera, directing (and appearing in) Taylor Swift's music video for "I Bet You Think About Me" in 2021.

Fortunately, we'll see more of Lively in her upcoming films, including The Husband's Secret, The Making Of and Proxy.

2. Justin Baldoni as Ryle Kincaid

Gotham/GC Images

  • What else she’s been in: Jane the Virgin, Con Man, Undercover Bridesmaid, Isolated

Baldoni stars as Ryle, a handsome surgical resident and Lily's love interest. And as it turns out, Baldoni got Hoover's stamp of approval as soon as she met him. She said, “When I first met Justin Baldoni, who is directing the film for It Ends With Us, I immediately wanted him to be Ryle. I just thought that he had what it takes to play that character.”

Baldoni has been working behind the scenes as of late, directing movies like Clouds and Five Feet Apart. But we can't forget about his scene-stealing performance as the dreamy Rafael in Jane the Virgin. Among his other acting credits include Happy Endings, Single Ladies and CSI: NY.

3. Brandon Sklenar as Atlas Corrigan

Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

  • What else he’s been in: 1923, Vice, Westworld, The Offer, Futra Days

Brandon Sklenar is Atlas Corrigan, Lily’s high school boyfriend and the third part of Lily's complicated love triangle. In an Instagram post that has since been removed, Sklenar responded to the casting news and wrote, “When this project came along I wasn’t aware of this book or the tremendous impact it has had on women all over the world in helping them to have the strength to change their lives. This is something very personal to me.”

Sklenar has been nailing his role as Spencer Dutton in 1923, the prequel to Yellowstone, but before he started donning his cowboy hat, Sklenar appeared in shows like New Girl, Westworld, Walker: Independence and The Offer. His upcoming projects include Fall Into Me, Green & Gold and Favorites.

4. Jenny Slate as Allysa Kincaid

Rich Polk/Getty Images

  • What else she’s been in: Everything Everywhere All at Once, Obvious Child, The Great North, Big Mouth, Bob's Burgers

Not too many details have been shared about her character, but we do know that Jenny Slate is playing Ryle's sister and Lily's friend, Allyssa.

House of Lies, Parks and Recreation, Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are just a few shows you may recognize Slate from—but these don't hold a candle to her voice-acting credits. The actress has voiced over a dozen animated characters, like Valerie Da Vinci in Despicable Me 3, Bellwether in Zootopia and Missy in Big Mouth. Oh, and did we mention that she created the hit comedy, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On?

5. Hasan Minhaj as Marshall

Irvin Rivera/Getty Images

  • What else he’s been in: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Morning Show, Haunted Mansion, Mustache, No Hard Feelings

Hasan Minhaj portrays Allyssa's husband and Ryle's best friend, Marshall—a skilled app developer who makes seven figures a year. On the film's official Instagram page, his character is described as a "light in the darkness."

The comedian and actor is best known for making audiences laugh on The Daily Show, but don't want to sleep on Minhaj's acting chops. So far, he has appeared in shows like Arrested Development, The Morning Show and Champions. And in addition to It Ends with Us, you can expect to see him in the comedy Best of the Best.

6. Alex Neustaedter as Young Atlas Corrigan

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

  • What else he’s been in: Things Heard & Seen, A-X-L, Colony, Ithaca, Walking Out, America Rust

In January 2024, Deadline confirmed that Alex would play the younger version of Lily's high school sweetheart, Atlas.

After appearing in a few short films and TV shows, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Neustaedter landed his first big role in Meg Ryan's Ithaca, alongside Sam Shepard and Tom Hanks. Since then, the 25-year-old star has been in USA's Colony, American Woman, Low Tide and more.

7. Amy Morton as Jenny Bloom

Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

  • What else he’s been in: Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Blue Bloods

Amy Morton is Lily's mother (and proud foodie) Jenny Bloom, who plays a significant role in Hoover's novel.

Morton is known for playing Trudy Platt on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire. However, you may also recognize the 64-year-old actress from her many guest roles, including Nancy Chore on The Bear, Sissy on Girls and Amanda Harris on Blue Bloods.

8. Isabela Ferrer as Young Lily Bloom

  • What else she’s been in: Evil, Fire Burning

Isabela Ferrer was cast as the young version of Lily Bloom. After the news was announced via Deadline, she wrote on Instagram, "Really still can’t comprehend that I’ve been working on this, and I am so excited to finally share it. I am so unbelievably grateful for this project, for everything it has given me already, and to be working with such a phenomenal cast and crew."

The Irish-Puerto Rican actress recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama, where she earned a BFA in drama and music theater. In her final semester of school, she played Helene in the play Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. And according to her IMDB page, Colleen Hoover's It Ends with Us marks her film debut.

9. Steve Monroe as the Realtor

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

  • What else he’s been in: Promising Young Woman, Miss Congeniality, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Following

Details about Monroe's character have yet to be revealed, but according to IMDB, he's set to play a minor role as a realtor.

Chances are you've seen Monroe pop up in at least one of your favorite shows or movies. The actor and comedian had guest roles on 7th Heaven, Criminal Minds, Charmed, Monk, Grey's Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Zoey 101 and iCarly, just to name a few. And his movie appearances include Miss Congeniality, The Nutty Professor and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

10. Will Fitz as the Partygoer

  • What else he’s been in: Streets & Avenues, Rob Peace, Let the Right One In

Per IMDB, Will Fitz appears in It Ends With Us as an unnamed partygoer, but no other details about his character have been revealed.

Fitz is a model, actor and stunt man who's been involved in movies like No Hard Feelings, Law & Order: SVU and Only Murders in the Building. In addition to It Ends with Us, Fitz will have minor roles in upcoming projects like Sweethearts, Y2K and Nonnas.

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