Meet the Cast and Characters of Disney+'s "Secret Society of Second-Born Royals"

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Photo credit: Disney

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Disney+'s Secret Society of Secord-Born Royals is finally here and trust us when we say that it was 100 percent worth the wait. Andi Mack's Peyton Elizabeth Lee is back starring as Sam, a second-born royal and current princess of Illyria. However, her life turns upside down when she suddenly finds out that not only does she have super-powers, but there's a special secret society filled with other people who are just like her.

In a Seventeen exclusive video, meet the rest of the cast and characters of Secret Society of Second-Born Royals and find out all it took to bring their training and powers to life.

Here are the cast and characters of Disney+'s Secret Society of Second-Born Royals.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Sam

"I play Sam who is a second born royal. Her sister is the heir to the throne. Sam has a very rebellious nature. She is going against everything that her school and mom wants from her and what her sister thinks she should be doing. Sam doesn't really know why she's going against them, she just doesn't like what they want her to be," Payton exclusively told Seventeen. "She also doesn't know what she wants to be instead. Leading up to her sister's coronation, Sam begins initiation into the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals. That is where she finds a group that she can connect with and relate to and becomes really close friends with. That's where she discovers who she is and how she should be true to herself." Sam's super power is heightened senses.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee is mostly known for playing the title role in the hit Disney Channel series, Andi Mack.

Noah Lomax as Mike

"Mike is Sam's best friend and they actually have a little garage band together. Mike plays the drums, while Sam plays the guitar. He's a very loyal friend to Sam and is always there for her when she needs him, but will put her in her place if she needs to be checked out. He keeps her grounded and he's always just a good friend," Noah revealed.

Noah is known for his role as Louis Morales in The Walking Dead.

Olivia Deeble as Roxana

"Roxana is a little bit self obsessed and very in love with the idea of her social media platform. Throughout the movie, she has to grapple with her superpower, which is invisibility. She finds it quite difficult because she equals being seen as she being acknowledged and loved at all times. Her journey is about self love on the inside and not just putting that outwards," said Olivia.

Olivia Deeble is an Australian actress mostly known for her works in shows Little Shows and Home and Away.

Niles Fitch as Tuma

"Tuma is like Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He's like a cool big brother. His superpower is mind control. What you're going to see is this teenager trying to learn what it is to work with the team [for the first time]," Niles revealed to Seventeen.

Niles broke out into the scene recently thanks to his role as Teenage Randall in the hit NBC series This is Us.

Faly Rakotohavana as Matteo

"Matteo is a super shy, but sweet character. He wants to fit in so badly and tries to include himself in multiple points throughout the film, but finds himself being slightly ignored. He's awkward and meek, but he gains a sense of confidence that very deeply portrayed," Faly said. "Through his confidence, he ends up mastering his powers of controlling insects more. He ends up becoming more involved with the group throughout the film because of it."

Faly is best known for his role as Miles in the Disney Channel hit, Raven's Home.

Isabella Blake-Thomas as January

"January is a bubbly, outgoing, type-A overachiever. She's very friendly. Her superpower is borrowing other people's powers. She comes into the movie as sort of an outsider, because she doesn't go to the same school the rest of the group goes to. Watching her figure out how she fits in as she really comes into own is really interesting to watch," Isabella told Seventeen.

Isabella is mostly known for playing Young Zelena in the hit ABC series Once Upon a Time.

Skylar Astin as James Morrow

James Morrow is the group's teacher who helps them figure out their powers. He has a boyfriend named Henry, an iguana named Jeff, and as a severe gluten allergy. Just like his students, he is also a second-born royal and his super power is cloning.

Skylar Astin is a triple-threat actor known for his various roles on stage, tv, and film. He made his Broadway debut as part of the original cast of Spring Awakening and is known for his role as Jesse in Pitch Perfect. He has recently played Greg in the final season of Crazy Ex-Gilfriend and currently stars as Max in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.

Élodie Yung as Catherine

Catherine is the current acting queen of Illyria and Sam's mother. She seems pretty strict on Sam and her sister due to their royal duties. She took over the thrown after her husband's death and is set to vacate it at Eleanor's coronation when she turns 18.

Élodie is known for her role as Elektra in the Marvel and Netflix series Daredevil and The Defenders.

Ashley Liao as Eleanor

Eleanor is Sam's older sister who is set to take over the throne when she turns 18. She loves being a royal and has prepared her entire life to become queen of Illyria. Because of this, Eleanor tends to butt heads a lot with her sister.

Ashley recently played Lola Wong on the Netflix hit, Fuller House.

Greg Bryk as Inmate 34

Sam's enemy in the film. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he escaped from Illyria's toughest prison.l

Greg recently starred in Frontier as Cobbs Pond and as Jeremy Danvers in Bitten.

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