This Best-Selling Amazon Lamp That Doubles as a Nightstand Is the Lowest Price It's Ever Been

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This Shelf Lamp Is on Sale for $75 Right NowPopular Mechanics; Brightech

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As a New York City apartment dweller, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit searching the internet for home decor that not only looks great, but helps maximize my space. From office storage to bathroom organizers, it's important to keep things tidy.

So, when it came time to search for a nightstand, I needed something aesthetically pleasing and also useful. Tons of Amazon reviewers have given five-star ratings to this lamp from Brightech that provides shelves for decor, a place to charge your tech (while majorly reducing wire clutter, might I add), and a bright lamp to add light to your space.

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Modern Shelf Floor Lamp with Charging Ports


One of the three shelves has two USB charging ports and a two-prong electrical outlet, set behind dividers to keep your tablet, phone, and book upright and out of the way. It comes in four different wood tones, and best of all, the multifunctional lamp is currently on sale for $75.

Reviewers on Amazon have given this lamp an overall 4.5 star rating, which is pretty impressive. I have the charger-less version of this lamp, and have been extremely pleased with how much space it saves. The top and middle shelves come in at heights that fit seamlessly with the height of my bed, making it a great alternative to a shorter nightstand that would take up more space and require me to get another lamp.

The lamp shade casts a soft, warm glow about the room, and the built-in charger is a convenient way to get rid of cord clutter next to your bed, desk, or wherever you choose to keep the lamp (keep in mind you'll need to source your own charging cables to plug in).

brightech maxwell charging lamp
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Amazon reviewers who have tried this charging port model have pointed out that the lamp has clips to keep your wires organized, which helps make your room look cleaner and more organized. While some reviewers noted that the assembly instructions were unclear, in my experience, putting the lamp together was fairly straightforward. The lightweight wood was easy to pick up and I had my lamp together in about 20 minutes.

The Brightech Maxwell charger lamp is a game-changer for small spaces. It adds a soft, warm light (that you could replace with a smart bulb for dimming or colorful ambiance), shelves for decor and storage, and a charging station for frequently used tech like your phone, tablet, smart speaker, or alarm clock.

It’s on sale on Amazon right now for just $75, so act before the sale runs out. If you’re looking to add a reading light to your bedside or trying to reduce clutter in your living room, it’s an excellent purchase at a worthy price.

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