‘MasterChef’ Heads Back to the Kitchen!

MasterChef will be back in the kitchen for its 13th season on May 24. Gordon Ramsay will once again host the cooking competition, and he will be joined by resident judges Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich.

The theme for MasterChef season 13 is United Tastes of America, where each of the home cooks will compete based upon their region. The U.S. has been divided into four parts: West, Northeast, Midwest and South. The home cooks will battle it out for their region.

When does MasterChef Season 13 premiere?

Mark your calendars. MasterChef season 13 premieres May 24.

What time is MasterChef Season 13 on?

MasterChef airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

Who are the MasterChef Season 13 judges?

<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

Gordon Ramsay

<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

Aarón Sánchez

<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

Joe Bastianich

Who will be the guest judges for MasterChef season 13?

They include Daphne Oz, Graham Elliot, Susan Feniger, Tiffany Derry, Andre Rush, and the return of season 11 winner Kelsey Murphy.

DAPHNE OZ<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

GRAHAM ELLIOT<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

SUSAN FENIGER<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

TIFFANY DERRY<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

CHEF ANDRE RUSH<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>

Courtesy: FOX

Season 11 winner KELSEY MURPHY<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>
Season 11 winner KELSEY MURPHY

Courtesy: FOX

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How many MasterChef contestants are there for season 12?

It hasn't been revealed for certain yet, but most likely 20 home cooks will end up wearing one of the hard-to-earn white aprons.

Who are the MasterChef contestants for season 13?

FOX is not revealing the identity of the contestants until after the June 14th episode when all the white aprons have been handed out.

What challenges will the contestants face in season 13?

As is usual each season, the cheftestants will face a series of cooking challenges. This season includes a State Fair challenge, a series of Mystery Box challenges, cooking a meal at Dodger Stadium, and the fan-favorite Tag Team event, where they must create a Michelin-star quality three-course meal!

What does the MasterChef winner get for Season 13?

The winner of MasterChef season 13 will walk away with a cash prize of $250,000 and the title of America’s MasterChef.

Who won MasterChef season 12?

Dara Yu<p>Courtesy&colon; FOX</p>
Dara Yu

Courtesy: FOX

After several complicated cooks, 20-year-old Dara Yu from Culver City, Calif., was awarded the $250,000 grand prize and a complete state-of-the-art kitchen from Viking!

"I'm so grateful for this experience and my MasterChef family,” said Dara. “It's given me incredible opportunities over the past 8 years and I'm excited to see what the future holds. I hope that I can continue to inspire young people to follow their passion and believe in themselves!"

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Can the home cooks on MasterChef use recipes?

That is a no. What they can do is ask questions before cooking begins if there is a food with which they are unfamiliar, but no recipes are allowed in the kitchen.

Where can I watch or stream MasterChef on TV or online?

All 12 seasons are available on Hulu, or on the Fox Now app and several seasons are available for purchase on Prime Video.

Where is MasterChef filmed?

The kitchen set for MasterChef is located in a studio facility in the San Fernando Valley in California.

MasterChef: United Tastes of America will premiere May 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX and next day on Hulu.

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