Medical student's before-and-after photos show how school 'aged' him: 'So relatable'

A student shared how much medical school has taken a toll on him.

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TikToker Javi Ochoa vlogs about mental health and his experiences at med school. After someone made a comment that he “aged 20 years in med school,” Ochoa made a funny comeback video. The med student selectively chose a few photos highlighting some of his lower points.

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Ochoa showed what he looked like when he started med school. He was excited and full of life. But after years of long hours, he appeared more exhausted and worn down. He did, however, reassure his followers that “the glory days shall return.”

Ochoa reminded people in the comment section, “Y’all know I have other videos that show how awesome med school is, right?”

The hilarious video received 4.7 million views.

“I don’t feel like I look too old yet, but when I started, people would tell me I looked 16, and now I don’t get carded at the bar,” a user said.

“Every day, I receive confirmation that NOT going to medical school was the right choice for me,” a person commented.

“Don’t worry. I have the same dark circles, and I’m not a med student,” another joked.

“Me after five years in the military,” someone shared.

“This is so relatable. Me with my archaeology degree and research hours,” a TikToker replied.

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