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Med school students post TikTok revealing how much debt they’ll graduate with

A group of med school students is going viral after sharing how much debt the individuals be in when they graduate.

The insight comes courtesy of a student named William (@will_ill), who often posts on TikTok about his life in med school. Many of Willam’s videos have gone viral before, but his latest post — about the debt he and his fellow students will face in a few short years — has drawn over 3 million views.

His video is earning praise for its transparency but also leaving many users blown away by just how expensive med school can be.

It’s also just the latest in a recent series of viral TikToks about everyday student issues. In one recent clip, a historian revealed why history degrees aren’t as “useless” as some students think. In another, several med school students shared how many times they had to apply to their programs.

William’s video offered a similarly personal look at college life.

“We’re so broke it’s actually insane,” the TikToker captioned his post.

Many of William’s classmates were lighthearted and nonchalant when sharing their massive debt totals. That said, the amounts themselves were fairly jarring for viewers.

The lowest amount given by any of William’s classmates was $150,000. Meanwhile, some said they would owe $300,000 or even $400,000 when they graduate.

Those numbers, it turns out, are fairly normal. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the median debt of a med school student in 2019 was $200,000.

That high number is partly explained by the fact that the average public four-year medical school costs over $250,000 per student, while the average private school costs over $330,000.

TikTokers couldn’t believe William’s video, or his classmates’ attitudes about their debt.

“How are y’all so casual about it?” one user wrote. “I’d be in constant crippling anxiety if I even had debt.”

“Med school should be free,” another argued. “Salaries have been totally squeezed and they have a massively delayed earnings start.”

“Every day i remember again why i am so happy i decided not to stick with pre-med,” another wrote.

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