Mechanics Name the Cars Most Likely to Make It Past 250,000 Miles

Longevity is a key consideration when buying a car. After all, you want your new ride to last as long as possible, right? Some car brands are better known for durability, making the all-important 100,000-mile mark nothing more than simply a number on the odometer.

Mechanics at Accurate Automotive in Northglenn, CO have seen all kinds of cars come through their shop over the years. Throughout that time, they've likely seen cars at various stages in their lives. A major milestone for any car is to reach 250,000 miles traveled, and not every car owner sees their vehicle last that long. As for which cars are most likely to reach that number, a few brands stuck out among those the mechanics named.

"I would say Honda [or] Toyota," one worker said. Another said a Toyota truck would be likeliest to hit 250,000 miles, while another person added that any Honda can reach that mark. Another employee simply stated that "any Toyota, Honda, or Subaru" has the capability to reach that number. "Obviously Toyotas, some Hondas, [and] Acuras," another said, adding, "Probably not Nissans." The biggest outlier came from one employee who chuckled "S--t, my Dodge Ram did [it]!"

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Ultimately, however, it can come down to how well you take care of your car throughout its life. One worker said "any car that you actually maintain" has the ability to reach 250,000 miles, and another echoed a similar sentiment. "First one that comes to mind would be like a Toyota 4Runner, but realistically, any one that you take care of maintenance-wise," he said.

Keep that in mind if you're trying to keep your set of wheels turning as long as possible.