This New McDonald's Hack Is Taking Over The Internet

You've probably heard of the Wendy's hack that involves dipping your fries into a Frosty. Well, leave it to TikTok to upgrade this sweet and savory combo and subsequently create the snack hack of summer.

McDonald's customers have been creating ice cream sandwiches using hash browns and McFlurry ice cream, and sharing their thoughts on TikTok. One of the first people to share a video of the interesting pairing was TikToker @arvanfamily.

"You know what really upsets me about McDonald's? The fact that the cravings can hit you at any time. When you crave something from McDonald's, nothing else goes close to it, at all," she explained as she put together her Oreo McFlurry and hash brown sandwich.

"You were worth waiting for," she then proclaimed after taking a bite of the unusual treat.

The TikTok has received nearly 9,000 comments, with many people ready to book it to their nearest McDonald's.

"I’m trying this immediately. Would do it," one commenter wrote.

Several commenters shared their own zany food pairings, and we're trying really hard not to pass judgement here.

"Blue Takis, with Hawaiian bread stg it’s good," said one person.

"I dip my chicken nuggets in the Oreo mcflurry, you should try it!!" another added.

There are also lots of other TikTokers who have tried the ice cream sandwich hack for themselves, and everyone seems to love it.

One TikToker did express concern about the Oreos in the McFlurry downgrading the ice cream sandwich a bit. We definitely don't disagree.

Is it too early to crown the hash brown McFlurry sandwich the snack hack of summer?

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