The McDonald's Hack That Takes Any Breakfast Sandwich To The Next Level

Egg McMuffin on wrapper
Egg McMuffin on wrapper - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

McDonald's started serving the Egg McMuffin as its first breakfast item in 1971, and it quickly became a beloved classic among lovers of fast food. The popular sandwich was created by Herb Peterson, a franchisee from California. The company referred to the sandwich, originally topped with ham, a round egg, and cheese, sandwiched between two halves of an English muffin as "eggs benedict on the go." Since its conception, more breakfast sandwiches, like the Sausage McMuffin and the sweet and savory McGriddle, have been added to the breakfast menu.

The breakfast sandwiches at the Golden Arches come with either a round egg or a folded egg, both of which are pretty dense and take up a large portion of the sandwich. If you prefer your breakfasts with fresh eggs, don't count McDonald's out just yet. According to a former McDonald's corporate chef on TikTok, there are four different kinds of eggs that McDonald's serves. If the round egg that traditionally comes on the breakfast sandwiches doesn't sound all that appetizing, consider swapping it out for the Big Breakfast scrambled eggs. The source claims that the scrambled eggs are made from "liquid egg products" and are freshly scrambled in the restaurant for each order. While you may not receive a freshly cracked egg straight from the farm at McDonald's, the scrambled eggs may provide a touch of freshness to your morning breakfast sandwich.

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Swapping For Scrambled Eggs Can Elevate Your McMuffin Experience

McDonald's big breakfast platter
McDonald's big breakfast platter - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While TikToker @chefmikeharacz deems the round egg his favorite, substituting scrambled eggs on your McMuffin can upgrade the beloved classic. The former chef highly recommends this egg hack over eating the pre-made folded eggs that come on biscuit sandwiches, which he described as having "the texture of a stack of Post-it notes." On the official McDonald's website, the company confirms that scrambled eggs used in the big breakfast platters are "cooked fresh on our grill with real butter," while the folded eggs are "flash frozen by ... suppliers."

The addition of scrambled eggs on a breakfast sandwich may provide a slightly runnier yolk that many breakfast enthusiasts prefer. It also highlights the meat and cheese, as scrambled eggs won't be as dense as their round and folded counterparts. TikTok users shared their personal experiences of using this breakfast sandwich egg hack. Clearly, the scrambled eggs have a dedicated fan base, and curious McDonald's customers are eager to try this hack. Before you rush to the drive-thru to try this hack out for yourself, make sure that your McDonald's is still serving breakfast. And as always, be extra kind and patient to employees when you are asking for a substitution or customization.

Can You Still Get Breakfast At McDonald's After The AM?

Person holding mcdonald's bag
Person holding mcdonald's bag - Intarawat/Shutterstock

If you vaguely remember a time when you could get your hands on a McGriddle and a hash brown at any time of day, you aren't mistaken. There was a time when McDonald's (very briefly) allowed late risers and night owls to order from their breakfast menu. After fans begged the company for years to serve breakfast all day, McDonald's finally made their dreams come true in 2015.Unfortunately, the all-day breakfast at McDonald's disappeared as quickly as it arrived. When the COVID-19 pandemic sent people into quarantine, many restaurants had to scale back and reassess what was safe and easy for employees and customers. All-day breakfast was one of the first menu offerings to be removed, and three years later, it still has not returned.

Sadly, these days, the restaurant does not serve breakfast before sunrise, even at its 24-hour locations. According to the McDonald's website, breakfast begins at 5 a.m. at restaurants that are open 24 hours. Depending on when your day starts and ends, you could snag an extra late night (or extra early morning) Sausage McMuffin, but not before 5 a.m. or after 11:30 a.m. So, if you're hoping to try out the latest Egg McMuffin hack, you'll have to wait until breakfast time.

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