McDonald's Delights With Launch of Beloved Sauce as a Dipping Cup

McDonald's lovers, your prayers have been answered.

If Big Mac fans were lovin' it before, things are about to get a whole lot tastier on their McDonald's runs.

It's been a long time coming, but McDonald's is finally giving fans what they have been asking for as they launch the new dipping cups for the beloved Big Mac sauce, giving customers the ability to smother any of their favorite menu items in the delicious tangy concoction.

The news was announced in a press release on Wednesday, April 19, as the restaurant chain unveiled the new dip-able sauce format, which comes in a retro blue and silver packaging inspired by the OG Big Mac sandwich wraps.

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The famous Big Mac sandwich—which first debuted nationally in 1968—has become a fan-favorite menu item over the years, and it would be nothing without the dreamy sauce that customers can't get enough of.

The creamy, tangy and slightly sweet sauce will be available at no extra charge with any purchase of Chicken McNuggets at participating locations nationwide. It can also be ordered a la carte, so you can sauce-ify all of your go-to McDonald's menu items, because let's face it—a sauce this iconic can go on anything.

By the looks of it, fans are already drooling over the saucy news, which McDonald's also unveiled in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

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"can I buy a gallon?" one fan gushed in the comments section.

"screaming crying tears of joy" added another.

But the new item won't be around forever, as the Big Mac sauce dip cups will only be available at participating restaurants across the U.S. for a limited time beginning on April 27. Additionally, customers will only be able to get their hands on this flavorful goodness when ordering through the McDonald's App.

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