These McDonald's customers got some 'official' help with their drive-thru order

An unnamed police officer is winning over the internet

with his “socially distanced” brand of public service.

The officer’s viral fame began after a TikTok

user named iceman_out shared a video of his visit

to a McDonald’s drive-thru on April 30.

 In the clip, the user appears to be waiting in line

for his food with the windows down as he looks

across the parking lot toward a police SUV.

Inside the cop car, an officer can be

heard using his radio to jokingly

question the TikToker about his order.

“What did you order? Did you get the No. 10 — Big

Mac?” the officer says. “Extra fries? Yum yum yum”.

“Meanwhile, at the Mac shack,” iceman_out

captioned his video, which has since been

viewed nearly 2 million times.

TikTok users flooded in comments

praising the cop, while also noting that his

behavior struck them as a little odd.

“Why can’t the cops be like this in my town,” one

user asked. “Honestly if I was a cop I’d just do this

all day,” another joked. “Yup hes lost his mind.

The boredom has set in,” another added.

Others argued that the officer’s comical

stunt should have been enough to earn him

the order he described over his radio.

“I woulda bought him that order and set it down

by his car then backed off,” one user suggested

as a socially distanced delivery method