McDonald's Has A New "Adult Happy Meal" Coming Out — Here's How The Toys Compare To The '90s Originals

You might remember last year, when McDonald's released their Cactus Plant Flea Market Box, which everyone was calling an "adult Happy Meal." It was a big hit, and the toys sold out VERY quickly.

Jen holding a Cactus Plant Flea Market Box
Jen Adams / Via

Well, McDonald's is at it again this year with a brand-new box! This time, the collab is with DJ, artist, and streetwear influencer Kerwin Frost.

Kerwin Frost holding a McDonald's box and wearing a top hat
Courtesy McDonald's

Each Kerwin Frost Box will include a collectible toy based on the classic "McNugget Buddies" toys that any 1980s or '90s kid will recognize. Like with the Cactus Plant Flea Market toys, there's a modern twist on the collectibles inspired by the artist. In this case, each McNugget Buddy is inspired by Frost's youth, growing up in Harlem. This one is modeled after Kerwin himself:

A Kerwin Frost toy
Courtesy McDonald's

This one is named BRRRick:

A BRRRick toy
Courtesy McDonald's

Here's Darla:

A Darla toy
Courtesy McDonald's

Don Bernice:

A Don Bernice toy
Courtesy McDonald's

Uptown Moe:

An Uptown Moe toy
Courtesy McDonald's

And finally, Waffutu. Much like the original McNugget Buddies, the outfits for these will be mix-and-match:

A Waffutu toy
Courtesy McDonald's

You can see how the new toys play off of the old-school McNugget Buddies from the '90s, which always popped up around Halloween:

McDonald's toys

And '80s kids will remember the very first set of them from 1988, in which the Buddies were less "Halloween monster" and more "nuggets with jobs":

McDonald's toys

These meals — which offer fries, a drink, and a choice between a 10-piece nuggets or a Big Mac — will be available at McDonald's starting Dec. 11, and if it's anything like last year's collab, the toys might sell out quickly!

If you miss out on a toy, you can also buy themed merch on Kerwin Frost's website, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Harlem Arts Alliance.