McDonald’s Is Finally Offering This Fan-Favorite Sauce In A Dipping Cup

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If you’ve ever wished that you could dip your fries or nuggets in Big Mac sauce, we have great news—but only if you live in Canada (for now at least). McDonald’s Canada is now offering this fan-favorite sauce in dip cups, so you can add it to whatever your heart desires.


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McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce dip cups

That’s right: Canadian McDonald’s lovers will be able to get their hands on cups of Big Mac sauce for a limited time—and for a price. Although McDonald’s other dipping sauces like barbecue, ranch, and honey mustard are free with meals, each Big Mac Sauce dipping cup will cost you 30 cents.

But for those who can’t get enough of this special sauce (which is comparable to but not quite the same as Thousand Island dressing), this is a small price to pay. You may even want to stock up so you can enjoy the unique flavor with meals at home! Just think about the possibilities.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s Canada has offered individual servings of Big Mac sauce; they were once available in sauce packets, but the dipping cups, which have only previously been available in Australia back in 2015, are a new touch.


What is Big Mac sauce?

Although the exact Big Mac sauce recipe is meant to be a secret, McDonald's describes the condiment as "a creamy, delicious balance of sour, zesty mustard flavor, pickle relish, onion powder, and savory tastes." And if you want to try your hand at whipping up your own Big Mac sauce, you can try out this recipe from a former McDonald's chef—but you didn't hear it from us!

But for those who prefer the real deal, these cups of Big Mac sauce will be available through March 6, 2023. So get them while you can, Canadians! Fingers cross the United States will be able to buy them soon.