McDonald’s employee reveals the difference between the chain’s ‘round’ and ‘square’ eggs

How do the McDonald’s round eggs differ from the chain’s square eggs? An employee is sharing the difference in a now-viral video.

The clip, posted by popular TikToker @essentialmcdonalds, claims to show the preparation that makes the chain’s two egg types so vastly distinct.

It’s just the latest viral TikTok to show an alleged behind-the-scenes secret at a major fast-food chain. In the past, people have used the app to share how to save big on viral Starbucks drinks, the “most complicated” McDonald’s menu item and how Waffle House workers use a “secret code” to communicate orders.

The video from @essentialmcdonalds highlighted an often-discussed secret: Whether or not McDonald’s eggs are “real.” As the TikToker explains, it all depends on your definition of the word.

According to his video, the chain’s “folded” or “square” eggs arrive packed together in an airtight container.

“They come pre-cooked,” he says. “All we do is throw them on the grill.”

Meanwhile, workers cook the round eggs fresh. As @ essentialmcdonalds shows in his clip, those eggs are made by simply cracking a raw egg into a circular mold on the griddle. Employees then pop the yolks and pour water on top of the grill, creating steam.

The egg difference may be a secret to some, but McDonald’s has long been transparent about it. On the chain’s website, you can find a full definition of each egg type and which menu items contain round or square eggs.

Still, TikTokers had plenty of strong reactions to the news.

“At least something is fresh,” one user wrote.

“Always get the round egg,” another added.

“Folded egg wins every single time,” another argued. “I don’t care that it’s premade.”

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