TikTokers are sharing wild footage of what McDonald's looks like in Italy: ‘The best McDonald’s of all’

McDonald’s Italy is TikTok’s newest obsession.

It’s all thanks to a series of viral videos, which show what it’s like to eat at the chain’s Italian restaurants. As it turns out the menu is a lot different than in the United States.

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This kind of fascination isn’t new for TikTokers. In the past, fast food lovers have used to the app as a way to share just how different many chains are in foreign countries.

McDonald’s customers in particular have participated widely in the trend, showing the chain’s incredible pancake breakfasts in Japan, its expansive pastry menu in France and its delicious burger options in Bali.

Meanwhile, users have also shared clips of Taco Bell’s “high-end” restaurants in China and a Pizza Hut in Egypt that has a full view of the Great Pyramids.

The McDonald’s Italy fascination seemed to begin with a user named @_amberjs, who posted an extremely short clip showing how the menu features a literal block of Parmesan cheese.

That viral video was soon followed by a user named Casey (@caseygwilliam).

In her clip, the TikToker and a friend munched their way through several menu items — including “mozzarella and tomato pockets.”

The “pockets” are actually panzerotti, a savory Southern Italian dish that resembles a small calzone. Casey and her friend also ate a ham and cheese McToast, chicken wings and a Nutella-topped McCrunchy Bread.

Like most fast food chains abroad, McDonald’s Italy offers several other items not available in the U.S. There are also cheese and bacon fries and a chocolate-and-nut-filled dessert called the McFlurry Baci Perugina.

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Overall, TikTok users have been blown away by the menu. Some, who had eaten at McDonald’s Italy before, agreed that the chain has some pretty incredible options.

“McToast is so good,” one user wrote.

“The chicken wings are awesome,” another added.

“I think it’s the best McDonald’s of all,” another agreed.

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