McDonald’s customer baffles TikTok with ‘brilliant’ money-saving breakfast hack

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing his “brilliant” McDonald’s breakfast hack.

The fast-food hack, which shows how to save money on the chain’s most popular breakfast sandwiches, comes courtesy of the HellthyJunkFood TikTok account (@hellthyjunkfood). It’s just the latest wallet-friendly fast-food tip to go viral on the app.

In recent weeks, users have also shared tricks for getting “free refills” at Starbucks, ordering a “free burger” at Five Guys and getting a Starbucks “Dirty Chai” for more than $2 off the menu price.

HellthyJunkFood’s hack is drawing plenty of praise. But, as with anything fast food-related, people also have all kinds of strong feelings. In the clip, he details how you can save money on the chain’s breakfast sandwiches by ordering your eggs separately.

As HellthyJunkFood details in the clip, McDonald’s sells its Sausage McMuffin and Sausage Biscuit for just $1.19. However, getting those sandwiches with eggs costs more than $3.50.

“What? It costs $2.60 to get one egg?” HellthyJunkFood’s host says in the clip. “I can get a dozen eggs at [the store] for $2.15.”

The trick, HellthyJunkFood adds, is getting the cheaper sandwich and asking for a folded egg on the side. Folded eggs, the TikToker explains, cost just $1 by themselves. That means you could get the “same” breakfast sandwich for $2.19 — as opposed to nearly $4 if you order it the normal way.

“You’re getting ripped off,” HellthyJunkFood’s host says.

TikTok viewers had plenty of praise for the hack. Many called it “brilliant” and said they couldn’t wait to try it. However, others took issue with the suggestion — namely because of the folded egg.

“Folded egg? Nah,” one user wrote.

“Round egg tastes better,” another added.

It is worth noting that McDonald’s folded eggs are actually a form of liquid egg, not fresh-made fried eggs. Meanwhile, the “round eggs” are fresh, grade-A eggs cooked inside a circular ring.

That said, several of the chain’s dishes use the folded eggs — so it ultimately comes down to preference. If it’s worth the extra $1.50, then HellthyJunkFood’s hack might not be for you.

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