Mayim Bialik's Fans Show Support After Watching Brutally Honest Video About Her Boyfriend

Photo credit: Paul Archuleta - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paul Archuleta - Getty Images

Mayim Bialik's mental health podcast Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown continues to strike a chord with her fans.

In particular, a June 2021 segment called "What Mayim Hears," which featured her boyfriend and cohost Jonathan Cohen, seems to stand out. During the podcast moment, which Mayim resurfaced on Twitter last week, Jonathan asked Mayim to pretend they were both in a certain scenario and to say the first thing that came to her mind.

Jonathan started off with a hypothetical situation about their personal relationship. “We’re not together. We’re in a different city. You text me, you say, ‘Can you talk?’ I say, ‘I can’t talk right now.’ You hear … ,” he asked, prompting The Big Bang Theory star and Jeopardy! host to share her interpretation. Mayim replied back, “‘I don’t have time for you. There are things far more important than you. The novelty has worn off. Maybe I’ll have time later.’”

Jonathan then asked Mayim’s perspective on other situations, including working together. “We’re deciding what guests can possibly come on the podcast. I say, ‘Maybe [insert any person’s name there] will come on the podcast’ You hear ... ,” he inquired. The 45-year-old actress filled in the blank with, “He’s trying to usurp position as a human. He doesn’t know anything, and also I hate myself.”

On Twitter, Mayim reflected on the telling podcast moment. “Many people say this is the most cringey, most relatable our podcast has ever been," she wrote.

Clearly, Mayim wasn't kidding. After seeing the three-minute video on YouTube, Mayim’s fans rushed to the Youtube comments section to thank her for being so honest about her self doubt and negative thinking.

“Sooooo loved this vulnerable (hilariously relatable!!!) snippet you bravely shared between you two. Thank you for your awesomely important podcast. I love it!!!!” one person wrote. “I must say that this was the best part of the podcast! It was so relatable. Mayim, you're most certainly not alone in hearing the things that you heard, despite what Jonathan meant,” another added.

Speaking on The Drew Barrymore Show in March, Mayim revealed what motivates her to share so much about her own personal experiences. “It’s not like ‘Here’s how to fix your life. I’m the celebrity who’s gonna tell you how to do this,’” she told host Drew Barrymore. “I’m still figuring it out. [Jonathan’s] still figuring it out, and we’re speaking to people who are still figuring it out.”

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