Mayim Bialik Blunders Tricky 'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune' Puzzle

Mayim Bialik slipped up during Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, but the puzzle that got her was one worthy of defeat.

As she faced off against her alternating Jeopardy! co-host Ken Jennings and Wheel of Fortune's own Vanna White, the Big Bang Theory alum got tripped up and tossed out by a tricky puzzle, succumbing to defeat.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode obtained by Fox News Digital, the trio is presented with "F---Y ---TING -O- -E-E" before Bialik calls out her guess: "Funny meeting you here?"

Incorrect, but not far off, Bialik is tossed out as her 48-year-old competitor, Jennings, chimes in with the winning solution: "Fancy meeting you here."

"Yeah, that's it!" exclaimed host Pat Sajak as Jennings turned to Bialik–who looked embarrassed by her swing-and-a-miss answer–and thanked her for helping him figure out the answer.

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"They're two hosts, but they work together like that," Sajak joked. "It's really wonderful to see."

In the clip, Sajak also questioned Jennings about his run-ins with fans of the long-running trivia show, "You must have people coming up all the time, like testing your knowledge, throwing questions at you."

"People will literally come up to me on the street with a very hard trivia question that they have already," Jennings replied. "I was with my kids at the lake once in the mountains. A guy just walks out of the woods and looks at me and says, ‘This 1980s band…’"

"That's very funny," Sajak laughed. "You never dreamed you'd be hosting, did you?"

"No, not in my wildest dreams," Jennings confessed. "But Jeopardy! and Wheel were always my favorite shows as a kid. So this is a real bucket list for me."

Jennings, Bialik and White are set to compete on the hour-long episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, "Ultimate Host Night," airing Wednesday, May 10 on ABC. The winnings will be donated to the charities of their choice, with Jennings giving his earnings to the Equal Justice Initiative, Bialik to the Mental Wealth Alliance and White to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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