Mayhem at the Wedge: “Psycho Barrels and Wipeouts”

What’s louder? The waves slamming the shore at the Wedge, or the peanut gallery on the sand gasping at the wipeouts when SoCal’s premiere shorebreak spot comes alive?

It’s all loud, like a gladiator pit with warriors going into battle as fans cheer from the sidelines. One of those warriors is Jamie O’Brien – who makes an annual pilgrimage from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to surf the Wedge during the summer season.

A few weeks back, J.O.B. was at the Wedge for the “chaos and carnage” of opening weekend. It wasn’t as good as the Wedge gets then, and this time around, it’s not perfect either.

There are, however, plenty of tubes and wipeouts to go around – and to get the crowd cheering.

“We scored some epic early season swell,” the vid’s caption reads. “It’s always a good way to start the summer, pulling into barrels and taking gnarly wipeouts.”

But J.O.B. wasn’t satisfied; so, he jumped on a plane and headed to Mexico.

With a jetski assist, J.O.B. and his crew did some step-offs into some South of the Border tubes. It wasn’t ideal conditions there either, but they had a good time regardless.

“All in all it was a really hard surf for me today,” said Jamie. “I didn’t get anything too crazy, but I had some fun. I’m always psyched to be down here in Mexico.”

Stay tuned for more J.O.B. adventures to come.

The Wedge Stats/Info

Wave Type: Lefthand tube/shorebreak

Season: Spring – Fall

Skill Level: Experts only

Best Board to Ride: Shortboard, soft-top, skimboard, bodyboard, no board (bodysurf)

Ideal Swell Direction: SW, SSW, S, SSE


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