Maybelline Improves Their Best-Selling Great Lash Mascara

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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is the best-selling mascara in America, but there’s always room for improvement. The original formula launched 43 years ago, and over 20 million of the iconic pink and green tubes are sold every year (one tube every 1.7 seconds). To this day it wins countless awards and accolades, but instead of resting on their laurels, Maybelline is improving their formula. They’ve just launched Great Lash Real Impact—a pink and black packaged spinoff that creates more voluminous lashes than the classic mascara.

Currently trickling into drugstores everywhere, Great Lash Real Impact is already available on Ulta for $5.99 (the same price as the classic formula). It comes in Blackest Black, Very Black, and Brownish Black pigments. Unlike Great Lash’s wet, inky formula, Real Impact is creamy, and not-at-all messy to apply. Instead of the original’s skinny brush, this one has tons of smaller bristles, to better coat your lashes and make them look significantly fuller. The formula, which contains no artificial waxes, is accurately described by the brand as “cream-whipped.” Once dried, lashes feel conditioned instead of stiff. But perhaps best of all: it doesn’t flake off throughout the day and is easy to remove with a gentle cleanser. 

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Maybelline has launched several versions of Great Lash over the years, but Real Impact definitely yields the fullest, most natural-looking results. Previous versions include Great Lash BIG (for bolder, maxed-out lashes) Lots of Lashes (with a tapered brush to reach tiny hairs in the corners of the eye), a curled brush version, a waterproof formula, and their popular clear gel formula (great for grooming brows). Needless to say they’ve come a long way from 1915, when 19-year-old Tom Lyle Williams made mascara out of coat and petroleum jelly for his sister Mabel—and yes, that’s where the name Maybelline comes from. 

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