Maui Shaper Jud Lau is Bringing Surfing Back to Maui Wildfire Survivors

Survivors of the Maui wildfires have lost everything, from homes to vehicles and basic life necessities.

For many, that means their surfboards–and the solace and stress relief they find in surfing.

Hawaii's community has done an amazing job coming together fundraising and providing supplies. Meanwhile, Maui shaper Jud Lau is focused on replacing the surfboards survivors lost to the fires with his Surfboard Replacement Project.

Maui's Jud Lau Surfboards is helping wildfire survivors get their boards replaced.<p><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Instagram/ Kai Lenny;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">Instagram/ Kai Lenny</a></p>
Maui's Jud Lau Surfboards is helping wildfire survivors get their boards replaced.

Instagram/ Kai Lenny

Waterman Kai Lenny, who's been on the frontlines of Maui's recovery, reposted Lau's update in his story.

In the post, Jud Lau Surfboards wrote:

"So far we have distributed over 50 boards to people who lost theirs and we have over 20 boards here waiting for their match. We also have 25 new boards being shaped."

Lenny commented: "Awesome."

A few days ago, the surfboard shaper announced the project via an Instagram post you can see here.

Lau captioned the post:

"Much mahalo for everyones incredible generosity 🙏🏽 the response has been so amazing, we are all blessed to live in such a caring community. Currently we are receiving a ton of shortboard donations, but more lost longboards than shortboards. So any longboard donations would be greatly appreciated 🙏🏽

"If you lost your house and your board or boards in the fire, DM me the specs on whatever boards need replacing, along with a photo of yourself, either a surfing photo or face shot. If we have any boards in stock that match, we will give them to you. If we don't, we will make a post with your information, and if anyone has an extra board that matches that they want to donate, we can connect them with you.

"Or if any donors want to have us shape you a custom board, we will donate 100% of our labor and make the board for the cost of materials only. Or if the donors would like to have another shaper make a board for you, we can help to connect that donor with the shaper and yourself, and I an sure other shapers will be happy to offer discounts as well."


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