The Mattress Designed for Hot Sleepers Is $700 Off Right Now

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Purple Launches Six Impressive New MattressesPurple

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When I can't sleep, it's usually because I'm too hot, and turning up the air conditioner—especially during the fall or winter—isn't sustainable. I also tried changing my sheets and wearing thinner pajamas, but those were minor solutions to the major problem of having an old mattress that had no circulation. After continuous night sweats and watching my electricity bill skyrocket, I knew something had to give. That's when I decided to invest in a Purple mattress.

The cult-favorite brand is known for its temperature-balancing materials, and when I saw a "heat dissipation" section online I was sold. I ended up going with the Purple Plus mattress, and while it's nearly double the price of the Purple NewDay option (the most standard style), I knew the more breathable foam was worth it. Additionally, since I'm sharing a bed with my partner who prefers a firmer feel, the medium support on the Plus was the balance we were looking for.

After testing it out during the free 100-night at-home sleep trial, my night routine was transformed. For those in the same sleepless situation, take this as your sign to at least give Purple a try, and trust me, there's no better time to take advantage of the genius designs. Earlier this month, Purple launched the new Premium and Luxe collections featuring six mattresses created to cater to all sleepers. The new GelFlex Grid Technology couldn't be better.

"In our lab testing, the Premium Collection was proven to dissipate heat 2x to 4x more effectively when compared to competitive mattress brands," chief innovation officer Jeff Hutchings said in a statement. "We also executed a third-party clinical study where we observed that respondents fell asleep 20 [percent] faster when sleeping on the GelFlex Grid."

And yes, it gets better. The unbeatable gel has been proven to reduce waking up in the middle of the night by 21 percent while also reducing aches and pains by 40 percent. Those are claims that don't disappoint. Scroll on to get a deeper understanding of the engineering and testing that went into the layers of premium materials within the mattresses.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that thanks to Purple's can't-be-missed Memorial Day mattress sale, sleep-deprived bargain hunters can snag up to $800 off and an adjustable base with each purchase. Now that's a dream deal!

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