This 'Matrix 4' Theory Suggests Trinity Might Actually Be 'The One'

This 'Matrix 4' Theory Suggests Trinity Might Actually Be 'The One'

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The Matrix 4 is still a long way away, but with filming footage leaking and a fanbase already rabid for details about the sequel, there's a lot of theorizing going around based on not a whole lot of information.

Luckily, The Matrix series is so complex and fantastical, it's almost impossible to imagine a theory that couldn't come true. That being said, there's always a large grain of salt needed to garnish any theory about a movie we haven't actually seen yet.

Some predictions are borne out of what has come before, but others stem from the recently leaked footage of the Matrix 4 filming in San Francisco. In particular, one video – which can be seen on Twitter–shows Neo and Trinity flying up and down beside a skyscraper.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

What's most interesting about the clip is that Trinity seems to be leading Neo, as if she's showing him how to manipulate the Matrix so they can fly.

This makes sense if the Neo of Matrix 4 has no recollection of his past actions, or if he's an entirely different person who just happens to look the same (a clone, perhaps).

It also has spawned a particularly interesting theory that the chosen one in Matrix 4 won't be Neo at all, but Trinity. We have to admit that we find this rather exciting, and it would shake up a plot that we already predict could be coming.

Photo credit: Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Pictures
Photo credit: Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Pictures

We previously established that in each iteration of the Matrix a new 'The One' is created to prevent the whole thing from crashing and killing everyone. Though Neo chooses to ignore the prescribed Path of the One, he ends up accomplishing the same goal (being accepted by the Matrix, allowing for 100% acceptance and the reboot of the system).

But with each reboot, the Matrix doesn't have to create a chosen one that looks like Keanu Reeves. Even if it did, that chosen one could awaken to the reality of the Matrix at a different point (therefore looking older or younger each time).

So in this version of the Matrix, what's to stop the system choosing Trinity to be 'The One'? Nothing. Being 'The One' means you can manipulate the arbitrary rules of the Matrix in a way no one else can.

The way The One is, well, chosen, is that they are imbued with the Prime Program, a subprogram within The Matrix (which is the Proper Program, in computer lingo). The Prime Program is also known as The Path of the One.

It's this program that gives The One their Messiah complex and special powers due to their connection to the Source. This only reinforces The One's status as a Messiah, thus creating a nice loop for the Matrix.

So much of the Matrix is about self-fulfilling prophecies, free will, and intimacy. To subvert our expectations by making Trinity the One to save humanity this time around would be fun uncharted territory.

The Matrix 4 is scheduled for release on May 21, 2021.

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