Mass Effect remake rumors flourish as cast reunites for N7 Day

The Mass Effect cast is getting back together for N7 Day and some fans believe that could only mean one thing: the remake is coming. Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale tweeted that they will be doing a two-part event on N7 Day (Nov. 7) in a “very special panel”. Fellow cast members who voiced iconic squad members in the series will also be present. They include Ali Hillis (Dr. Liara T’Soni), Raphael Sbarge (Kaiden Alenko), William Salyers (Dr. Mordin Solus), Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams) and more. It’s an unusually star-studded line-up and the “special” emphasis has fans wondering: Will Bioware announce a Mass Effect trilogy remake during the event?. The franchise has essentially been dead for the past couple of years. After the disappointing reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware benched the entire series indefinitely. Some fans on Reddit believe the N7 announcement signaled a change to that policy. Others were more confident that the Mass Effect trilogy remake is in the works