Mason Disick Called Jeffree Star “Spoiled AF” — And Jeffree Has Responded

In a feud truly no one saw coming, Kourtney Kardashian's son, Mason Disick, has thrown shade at makeup mogul Jeffree Star. And it looks like the drama has only just begun.

On April 2, Mason went live on TikTok with Addison Rae, one of the most popular users on the app, and he was quick to spill the tea. At one point during the live session, a fan asked Mason who his favorite beauty gurus were. The question seemed innocent enough but Mason's response certainly lived up to the YouTube beauty community's drama. "I don't really watch makeup YouTubers, but I think James [Charles] — he's really nice. Because Jeffree Star is, like, spoiled AF," Mason responded. And, well.

Addison quickly changed the subject after Mason's response but fans, of course, spread Mason's message far and wide. Until eventually the messaged reached Jeffree himself.

According to Buzzfeed News, Jeffree issued an official response for Mason in a since-deleted tweet writing, "I had $500 in my bank account six years ago. Maybe he's confused with his own privilege versus mine being self-made, hopefully his father can educate him soon!"

Jeffree's "beef" with Mason comes shortly after the 10-year-old was taken offline by his parents who deleted his Instagram account after sharing that he wasn't allowed to have one due to his age. "He started an Instagram yesterday and he didn't ask us," Kourtney said in an Instagram live recently. "I did delete it because Scott and I felt like — he's 10," she went on. "I think there's an age limit with Instagram. I think it's 13."

The Kardashian/Disick family has not commented on the situation and Jeffree was prompt to delete his tweet — though screenshots live on forever — so we're hoping there'll be no hard feelings in the end. But one thing is clear, it's sure is a shady day in Hollywood's Hidden Hills.

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