'Masked Singer' Fans and Judges Are Stumped on the Whatchamacallit's Identity

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Season 2 had a Thingamajig, and season 4 of The Masked Singer has a Whatchamacallit. The costume is like if the Fourth of July and Cousin Itt from The Addams Family merged to give us a hairy red, white, and blue monster. It's one of the most extra costumes thus far on the show, which is saying a lot considering the kinds of outfits the design team dreams up. As for who is under all that hair, after the Whatchamacallit's first performance, the judges and fans have some theories.

Who is the Whatchamacallit on The Masked Singer?

It's hard to tell so far, but we do have some clues to point us in the right direction:

  • Candy

  • Jello and fruit slices

  • Turn tables

  • “Dance with the stars”

  • Shrimp

  • Bear

  • Kahki pants

  • Fighter jets

Whatchamacallit Guess #1: Lonzo Ball

The basketball player didn't come up till the Whatchamacallit's second performance, but it's a valid one. In the pre-performance package, the Whatchamacallit talked about receiving a call that could have set back his career. This could have been a reference to Ball's mother, Tina, suffering a stroke in 2017.

Additionally, the turn tables from the first week could be a nod to Ball's music "career." The 22-year-old has released a few mixes, especially during quarantine. And speaking of music, Whatchamacallit says he grew up listening to "Money Maker" by Ludacris, the second song he performed. The song came out in 2006, meaning the person would have to be pretty young to consider it a song they grew up with.

Whatchamacallit Guess #2Someone From The Office

OK, this isn't a very specific guess, but it's a start. Several of the clue in the package subtly hinted to the beloved NBC sitcom. For example, the Jello could be a reference to the first prank Jim played on Dwight. And the kahki pants were a wardrobe staple for makle cast members.

We wouldn't be surprised to see Rain Wilson, Brian Baumgartner, or Oscar Nunez beneath the hairy costume.

Whatchamacallit Guess #2: An Athlete

It clearly takes some athletic strength to don that costume while dancing on stage. Again, this isn't a specific guess, but it's pointing people in a direction.

For a more specific suggestions, you could defer to the long list of athletes hwo have appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Judges' First Impressions

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Swizz Beatz

  • Jenny McCarthy: No audible guess

  • Robin Thicke: Tyler, the Creator

  • Ken Jeong: Damain Lillard

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