'Masked Singer' Fans Are Totally Sure That Crocodile Is Nick Carter

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  • Who is Crocodile on The Masked Singer season 4? We're revealing the internet's top theories on Crocodile's identity below.

  • If we had to guess based on the clues we know so far, we'd say Crocodile is musician and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

Of all the new and exciting costumes we've seen so far on season 4 of The Masked Singer, one fabulously pink reptile, Crocodile, is undoubtedly catching everyone's eye. But who could be behind this scaly mask?

The internet, of course, has already come up with multiple theories about Crocodile. Here are some of the best ones we've found:

Who Is Crocodile on The Masked Singer?

Let's begin with the clues we have about Crocodile:

  • Crocodile is wearing a head-to-toe pink look, with a pink cape lined with boa feathers, a sparkly pink bow tie, and a sparkly pink bowler hat.

  • Crocodile's first official clue is: "A special set of keys reversed my game forever. Tic-tac-whoa!"

  • Crocodile says he is the Crocodile because he is "the happiest in water."

  • Crocodile says he grew up in Hollywood since he was a kid and was "forced to develop a thick skin" in the face of "heartache and instability."

  • Crocodiles may have a reputation for being cold-blooded, but Crocodile says that he is actually a "warm, sensitive creature who just wants to be loved back."

  • Crocodile's visual clues include a yellow water slide, a Las Vegas backdrop, and a pineapple with a fish inside that's topped with an Italian flag.

Based on these hints, here's who Masked Singer fans think is behind the mask:

Nick Carter

Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images

After Crocodile's performance, fans are entirely convinced that the scaly reptile is none other than musician and Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. Nick began his acting and singing career at a young age, starting off as a child actor and eventually gaining fame as a teen idol (he joined the Backstreet Boys at only age 13!), which fits with Crocodile's clue about growing up in Hollywood. In fact, one of his first acting roles as a child was as an extra in the film Edward Scissorhands, in which he is seen in the background going down a yellow Slip n' Slide — hence Crocodile going down a yellow water slide in the clue package video!

As for the other clues, Nick has opened up in the past about having a rough childhood while growing up within a dysfunctional family, which definitely must have led him to "develop a thick skin" in the face of "heartache and instability." Additionally, the musician is part Italian (which would explain the Italian flag) and also has a history of powerboat racing, which matches Crocodile's clue about being "happiest in water." As for the Vegas backdrop in the clue package, this could be a reference to Backstreet Boys: Larger than Life, the boyband's concert residency in Las Vegas that ran from 2017 to 2019.

Neil Patrick Harris

Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Other viewers believe that Crocodile could be actor, comedian, and singer Neil Patrick Harris, who's best known for portraying Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, among many other roles on television and film. Fans are pointing out that the pineapple seen in Crocodile's clue package video could be a reference to the pineapple incident in How I Met Your Mother, which became one of the show's best running gags. As for the Italian flag seen in the same scene, this could be referencing Neil's marriage to his husband, David Burtka, in Italy back in 2014. Not to mention, we know that NPH can definitely sing given his long history on Broadway.

Donnie Wahlberg

Photo credit: Theo Wargo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Theo Wargo - Getty Images

Masked Singer judge Robin Thicke guessed Donnie Wahlberg after Crocodile's first performance — and some think he may be onto something, including fellow judge and Donnie's own wife, Jenny McCarthy! A New Kids on the Block member, Donnie definitely fits with the "boy band vibe" that both judges and fans have been getting from Crocodile. Specifically, Robin had suspicions that Crocodile is from Boston — where Donnie was born and raised — based on the phrase "wicked big" in the clue package video.

Not convinced yet? Donnie and his two brothers own an Italian restaurant called Alma Nove (in addition to the Boston-based chain Wahlburgers), a name that comes from a combination of their mother's name and the Italian word for "nine." This definitely could be a connection to the Italian flag from the clue package.

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