Marvel Hands Out Star Wars, Spider-Man And More For Free Comic Book Day

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Star Wars

Marvel is giving away five titles for Free Comic Book Day, which takes place May 4, 2024.

As it’s on May 4, one of those titles is Star Wars/Darth Vader #1, featuring all the gang from The Empire Strikes Back on ice planet Hoth; Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewy and the wreckage of fallen AT-AT Walkers.

The free Blood Hunt/X-Men #’1 kicks off Marvel’s big crossover event for 2024, where vampires infiltrate the Marvel Universe. It might spread to multiple books and one-offs, but it starts right here, for free.

<p> BLOOD HUNT/X-MEN #1</p><p>Marvel Comics</p>


Marvel Comics

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Spider-Man and the Ultimate Universe #1 showcases the return of the Green Goblin and what to expect in the evolution of the Ultimate Universe, a ground-level retelling of some of Marvel’s best-loved characters.

Marvel’s Voices #1 focuses on Spider-Man India, Web-Weaver, Spider-Gwen and more, while Spidey And His Amazing Friends is full of easy-to-read comics from the Disney Junior show.

You can see all five covers in the gallery above and get your mitts on the titles on May 6, 2024.