Martha Stewart's Go-To Snack Is Embarrassingly Relatable

Glad I'm not the only one sneaking to the fridge for this one.

<p>Getty Images/Allrecipes</p>

Getty Images/Allrecipes

I’m a firm believer that no day is complete without a little snack—but whether that’s a peanut butter sandwich, a bowl of chips, or some ice cream is up to you. The beauty of a snack is that it can be anything.

I constantly hear things like “celebs are just like us,” which is met with an exaggerated eye roll, but when I read what snack Martha Stewart slinks into the kitchen for, it actually is so relatable.

Stewart has proclaimed that she is not a snacker, but there’s one guilty pleasure food that she can’t resist: American cheese.

Yes, that’s right, Martha Stewart secretly loves a square of bright yellow, ultra-processed American cheese—and, you know what, so do I.

One of my fondest childhood memories is going to the deli counter with my mom where the deli clerk would hand me a square of American cheese to snack on while my mom finished her shopping. Sure, since then, my cheese snacking has matured to a wheel of Babybell or a hunk of sharp Cheddar off the block—but there’s nothing wrong with good old-fashioned American cheese.

“My guilty pleasure is not at all interesting. A slice of American cheese,” Stewart said in an interview with “Town & Country.” “I steal American slices sometimes—in the plastic, it’s so horrible. But it’s such a good snack.”

While some deli brands make American cheese, Stewart specifically mentions the cheese in the plastic, which leads us to believe she’s sneaking Kraft Singles from the cheese drawer. And if they’re good enough for grilled cheeses, then they’re good enough to snack on by themselves, right Martha? And honestly, the slice of cheese seems a little neater than the handful of shredded cheese I often go for when digging for a snack.

This just goes to show that no matter what food you choose to munch on when the cravings hit, there’s no shame in your snacking game.