Martha Stewart Swears By This ‘Unbelievable’ $18 Serum for an All-Over Glow

Martha Stewart Swears By This ‘Unbelievable’ $18 Serum for an All-Over Glow

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Martha Stewart had fans losing it over her recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover at 81. The star showed off her radiant complexion in all of the photos, leading us to wonder what was behind her head-to-toe glow. Luckily, her makeup artist recently revealed that she used L’Oréal Paris Beach Bae Face and Body Liquid Luminizer to give Stewart that sunkissed look.

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Daisy Toye, Stewart’s makeup artist, revealed that the L’Oréal pick was one of the key products used in the history-making photoshoot (Stewart is the oldest Sports Illustrated cover star at 81). “On her body, I used L’Oréal Paris Beach Bae Face and Body Liquid Luminizer,” she shared with People. “It’s unbelievable. Everybody on the shoot was going crazy for it.”

With a lightweight formula that easily blends into the skin, the top-rated liquid luminizer offers a sheer bronze color and is packed with reflective liquid pearls, leaving skin with an instant glow. Plus, the formula is hydrating, thanks to ingredients like glycerin and jojoba esters that help skin retain moisture. It’s designed to be used on both the face and body—and you can even apply it over your foundation for an instant bronzed look, according to the brand.

But it’s not just Stewart who loves the product—tons of reviewers rave about it, too, calling it a “summer glow in a bottle.” One Walmart shopper writes: “I used the Luminizer every day after a shower. It made my skin silky and smooth, and my skin was glowing like I have been in the sun for days. It is amazing.”

Reviewers especially love that it’s hydrating without feeling sticky or greasy. “What I love most about this [liquid luminizer] is that it does not feel sticky and thick like almost every other one I have tried,” says another shopper. “It is lightweight and absolutely beautiful on the skin. I love the way this looks when I have a tan. It gives a beautiful glow without looking like too much or looking like glitter.”

If Stewart’s glowing skin in her Sports Illustrated photoshoot is any indication as to how well the luminizer works, we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on the product.

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