Martha Stewart Says Her Thirst Traps Turned Her Into a 'Bona Fide Sex Symbol'

Martha Stewart has fully embraced her sex symbol status at 81 years old.

In a new interview with InStyle, the former model turned home decor mogul said it's "fantastic" to be recognized as a "bona fide sex symbol" and internet celebrity at her age. "It's a good example for others, actually," said Stewart. "I'm a teacher. I'm trying to teach others that you can look great. There's no reason to slump around."

She also revealed the secret behind her youthful appearance, crediting her diet and skincare routine.

"I have all organic food. I don't diet necessarily, but I watch what I eat," she said. "I do Pilates three times a week with an instructor. I have a massage. I go to a chiropractor. These are all things I just do to keep feeling good."

She added, "If you have good skincare, you can have beautiful skin. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune, you just have to do it." Stewart also shared that Mario Badescu serums and Clé de Peau products have helped keep her skin looking great. "I know they're expensive, but they actually work," she noted.

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Stewart knows the internet is loving seeing her feel confident, so she proudly often shares PG-rated "thirst traps" on Instagram. In April, she told Page Six that she "absolutely" plans to share more "thirst traps" throughout the year. "You'll see what's coming. Good stuff!" she teased.

In 2020, a poolside picture of Stewart with pursed lips and smoldering eyes went viral on social media, with many commenting on how attractive she looked. It became such an internet phenomenon that Stewart chatted with CNN about it.

She shared the story behind it, saying, "Well, I had just had a very dear friend over for lunch and then I took a long swim and I was getting out of the pool. I was trying to take pictures of my gardens out there. And then the camera automatically went to, you know, selfie mode. I don’t know why."

"And I looked at it and I looked so nice because of the sun streaming down. So I snapped the picture and I sent it to the internet," she admitted.

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