Martha Stewart Introduces Precious Pet Donkeys in Irresistible Video

Martha Stewart has had a busy last couple of days, first with becoming a Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit cover model and basically breaking the internet with how jaw-droppingly gorgeous she is, to introducing fans to her ridiculously cute pet donkeys that live on her 153-acre farm in Bedford, New York.

Just check out how adorable these guys are!

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It's hilarious how she says she originally intended for them to be working donkeys and plow the gardens and stuff but they are just having fun all the time. In addition to these darling miniature donkeys, Stewart's farm also houses chickens, horses, geese and sheep.

TikTok users are here for these donkeys (And Martha, of course, I mean she has written over 99 lifestyle books and is the original influencer) and one user comments, "That’s a wonderful life for the donkeys and you too, Martha! Those donkeys don’t need to work, they're cute just to have around!" @Amy asks the important question, with, "Girrlllll….I wanna be you and I love your life. Also, how exactly are you aging backward? You look younger than me and I’m half your age! #gorgeous." @Kazy, another donkey fan, replies, "Martha, we raised miniature donkeys. They were always the best part of my day. The sweetest was named Petunia." @Bucky sweetly adds, "This is what I like best about Martha. Her love for animals."

Stewart's adoration of animals and her work in animal advocacy through the years is well-known, and she has been dog mom to Chow Chows, Frenchies and has owned everything from canaries to chinchillas to numerous cats. Yup, not only is she amazingly beautiful, she's also into pets just as much as we are!

If you'd like to see more of Stewart's gorgeous farm and all the animals that call it home, you can check out Martha's Gardens on the Roku channel for free!

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