A Marketing Specialist Juggles a Fake Engagement and a Real One in Great American Family's 'From Chicago With Love'

Great American Family starts the new year with a whole new lineup of movies beginning with 'From Chicago with Love'.

Great American Family is starting to get into the swing of things with weekly new movies. They had a great run of films over the holidays with their "Fall Into Winter" campaign. Despite recent controversies, Great American Family has upcoming fare starring fan favorite actors like Candace Cameron Bure, Lori Loughlin and Danica McKellar.

Their latest film, From Chicago with Love launches a new year full of new content. Here's everything we know about From Chicago With Love.

What is From Chicago With Love about?

Poppy (Rebecca Liddiard) is a marketing specialist whose life is turned upside down when she fakes an engagement with her boss's handsome new client Milo (Dan Jeannotte), to win over her strict building manager and get Milo the penthouse suite.

Meet the Cast of From Chicago With Love

Rebecca Liddiard (Poppy Evans)

Liddiard previously had a series regular role on Houdini & Doyle and Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Fun fact: Both Liddiard and Jeannotte appeared on Reign.

Dan Jeannotte (Milo Asher)

It's almost weird to hear Jeannotte speak with an American accent as he usually plays a foreigner in many of the films he has starred in recently. He was a British prince in The Royal  Nanny, a Scotsman in Christmas in the Highlands, and a Frenchman in Paris, Wine and Romance.

How can I watch From Chicago With Love?

Chicago with Love will premiere on Great American Family.

When does From Chicago With Love premiere?

Chicago with Love premieres on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on Great American Family.

Is there a preview of From Chicago with Love?

Yes! Check out this preview teaser of From Chicago with Love.

Is there a sneak peek of From Chicago With Love?

Yes! Check out this sneak peek of From Chicago with Love.

Is there an additional sneak peek of From Chicago With Love?

Ask and you shall receive! Check out this additional sneak peek of From Chicago with Love.