Mark Hamill Says 'Star Wars' Does Not Need Luke Skywalker Anymore

In a recent interview with CBS' Sunday Morning, Mark Hamill discussed his future in the Star Wars franchise. Hamill originally debuted as the titular Luke Skywalker back in 1977 and went on to appear in many new sequels and projects until 2019. While Luke did die in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, audiences continue to wonder if Force Ghost powers will allow him to pp up again in new films.

Hamill told CBS that he thinks that it is time for people to say goodbye to the character because the franchise has moved on. He said, "I had my time, and that's good. But that's enough." He also added, "Well, you never say never. I just don't see any reason to. Let me put it that way: I mean, they have so many stories to tell, they don't need Luke anymore." When Hamill was asked about how he feels about forever being associated with the Luke Skywalker character he explained, "Yeah. Well, I don't care...I mean, the truth of the matter is, I never really expected to be remembered for anything. I just wanted to make a living doing what I liked. And I thought, 'Well, it could be worse. I could be, like, known as being the best actor who ever played Adolf Hitler, you know?' At least Luke is an admirable fellow!"

The conversation of the longevity of Luke Skywalker began when a younger version of his character was on Star Wars: The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Hamill was portrayed to be digitally de-aged, despite being on set. Many of those watching were not big fans of the de-aging process and would prefer a role recast. Hamill admitted that he would not mind a recast of the role, understanding he has had his time with the character.

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