Marie Osmond Says Her Sunny Personality Wasn't Always Authentic: Exclusive Interview

From her big smile to her upbeat energy, it’s clear to see that actress, singer, talk-show host, and author Marie Osmond is sunshine personified — even after facing the storm of depression and tragic loss. Here, she catches up with Woman’s World about the strategies she uses to stay above the dark clouds of life and keep smiling, no matter what.

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With the new year in full swing, Marie shares a winning recipe to make 2023 her best year yet: a dash of positive vibes and high hopes, followed by a generous splash of self-love. “The years from 50 on are the best of our lives — and for me, they’re happening right now!” Marie beams. “Women in this age range, we know who we are and we say, ‘This is who I am!’… that brings so much peace.”

At 63 years young, peace is a priority for Marie, who has known her share of hardship, from divorce to losing her parents and her beloved son Michael. But the vivacious brunette has leaned on faith and family to stay in the light, and has also learned to make her health a priority — something she encourages other women to do too.

“My life would be so much different if I hadn’t lost 50 pounds,” says Marie, who lost the weight on Nutrisystem and has kept it off. “I learned that by making myself a priority, I not only get to live a full life but the best life. We all deserve to feel the comfort of knowing if we want to do something, we’re healthy enough to do it.”

Another secret to Marie’s blue-sky outlook? Perseverance. “You have to say, ‘So what if I make a mistake?’” she shares. “You pick yourself up and you keep trying. It’s the trying that gives you the self-worth. Self-worth is earned. It comes with saying, ‘You know what? I know I have things to learn, but I want to keep learning.’”

Here are more of Marie’s best tips and tricks to staying happy, healthy, and joy-filled into 2023 and for many years to come.

Let it all go.

“Don’t let anybody create your weather. If you live with the hurts in the past or the abuses in the past or the wrongs in the past, you will never move forward. Let go of the past — just let it go,” Marie advises of her key to keeping calm and stress-free. “Forgive them. That doesn’t mean you ever have to play with them again, but acknowledge it and move on because that’s your past. Don’t let it be your future. Happiness is earned and owned, and once you choose it, you won’t look back.”

Love yourself first.

“One interesting thing I’ve learned is how to really take care of my body,” Marie reveals. “I abused my body, not just by starving it, but also by stress-eating. I pondered that and I thought, Man, I am really mean to myself! I don’t do that to my car — why do I do it to my body? And once I started Nutrisystem and learned what a healthy portion was and what ‘full’ meant, I got into a rhythm of loving myself — fully and completely!”

Say no to negativity.

“A friend once said to me, ‘There’s two kinds of people when they get old: the grumpy, miserable ones and the happy, jolly ones who have smile lines,’” Marie shares. “You can tell who the jolly ones are — the ones who stay positive. One way I do that is to surround myself with the people who know me best. And I choose positivity every day. Negativity can’t exist around me. I got to a place where I became selective in looking for people and things that bring light. Anything that causes you anger or stress, remove it. You’ll find so much joy!”

Be of service.

“My mom helped me when she told me in the depth of my depression, ‘Honey, you’re going to get through this,’” Marie recalls. “I did get through it, and what made a difference was co-founding Children’s Miracle Network. Giving back helps you forget about yourself when depression gets all-consuming. For me, being of service is the key to happiness.”

Walk away worry.

“Before I lost the weight, the last thing my knees could handle was exercise,” Marie divulges. “But now, starting to just think about walking makes me feel amazing! I love reading, so I’ve got books on tape I listen to while I walk. I don’t make too big or lofty goals: Start simple, and you’ll find you feel so energized. I have more energy now than I did at 50, and it’s because my body is healthier and happier!”

Agree to disagree.

“I remarried my first husband, and it’s been wonderful to be with a person who loves me unconditionally,” Marie beams. “It’s not ‘Marie Osmond’ that he loves: It’s me! We can just sit and watch TV together and it’s fun and safe. It’s not that you get along all the time but that it’s not worth it not to get along. Life is too short. We agree to disagree and keep going!”

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman's World.