Maria Tash Launches AI-powered Virtual Try-on Tool

Maria Tash has launched virtual try-on software that lets shoppers plot out their piercing schemes before they even step foot in her store.

The jeweler’s Tash Studio software has been in development for more than five years and is more than just a sticker-type application.

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“It’s fully rendered jewelry that uses AI to employ real piercing principles — it knows where rings and studs actually go on the ear and has principles of gravity built in. It knows the inner diameter of earrings and how much gravity sits on a ring. You can rotate studs 360 degrees,” Tash said of the program, which also knows where to not allow certain piercings on the ear.

Tash’s brand has been building out its collection of earring charms recently — allowing customers to add a little more zing to their look. In the Tash Studio program, charm use is encouraged: “You can take a charm and drag it onto a ring, and it knows which charm goes with which ring and it hangs appropriately,” she said.

Tash sees the software, which is now available for use on her brand’s site, as a multipronged opportunity. It enables a wider sense of comfort among consumers, helping them make decisions about body jewelry before they even enter her store. The program is already proven to boost online sales for those who already have piercings and want to plot out a new earring scheme.

“Initial data shows that our consumers spend more time and money [on our site]. Confidence is up and returns are down because of sizing,” Tash said.

The designer added that, “I have a vision for Maria Tash. This will not only live online in e-commerce, but it’s something we can deploy in-store when shoppers queue up. We do think it will create a bump in revenue for obvious reasons.”

That’s not the end of Tash’s ambition with the software. She plans to license it to other piercing and jewelry brands in the future.

“Right now we are in observation mode but we have high hopes for the software. We would like to work with other brands and think we can expand this in the future with partners,” Tash said.

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