Margot Robbie’s Smooth, Doll-Like Skin in ‘Barbie’ Is Thanks to Hollywood’s Go-To Body Makeup

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It’s like Photoshop in a can.

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Given that Barbie dolls are, well, plastic, it’s humanly impossible to achieve such even, unmarred body skin — yet Margot Robbie comes pretty darn close in her latest role. The actor who, ICYMI, embodies everyone’s favorite doll in the highly anticipated live action Barbie film, flaunts seriously smooth, even-toned skin à la her character’s on the big screen.

Though Robbie’s naturally glowing complexion undoubtedly helps, the next-level, doll-like perfection is attributable to Alleven’s Colour Shield: a body makeup she wore throughout filming. Incidentally, it’s also a red carpet staple, worn by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Priyanka Chopra, and Zendaya.




The Alleven Colour Shield is a body makeup spray available in seven flexible, “pigment adjusting” shades, per the brand. Like Photoshop in a can, it conceals imperfections — including scars, veins, and general unevenness — in mere moments. Additionally, the formula protects skin from environmental damage by virtue of antioxidant-rich algae, as well as sun exposure, via mineral UV filters. Housed in an ozone-safe, hairspray-style can, Alleven dispenses in ultra-fine mist form.

I’ve used the product and can attest that application is a breeze, and dry time is faster than any body makeup I’ve ever tried. Within seconds, the product leaves a luminous your-skin-but-better finish that’s entirely and truly transfer-proof, I might add. TBH, it requires a bit of heavy in-shower scrubbing to remove — which is so much better than watching it transfer onto a friend’s white couch (this once happened to me with a different product).

On-set makeup artists — including Patti Dubroff, the beauty brain behind many of Robbie’s past looks — used the skin-perfecting body makeup in the pearl and ivory shades to create otherworldly, doll-like smoothness for the screen. The actor has donned Alleven off-screen, too, like at the 2023 Golden Globes, and various Barbie premieres, including the recent world premiere in Los Angeles, per the brand.



Perhaps the best thing about the color shield? You needn’t be a professional makeup artist to create flawless, Barbie-like limbs. Simply hold the can around eight inches from your skin, shake, and mist in short bursts. I did so last night to try my hand at Barbie-inspired skin. Within minutes, I felt camera-ready (and wished I had plans beyond a cuddlefest with my cats). Similarly, one InStyle writer, who noted the product’s ease of use, said Alleven leaves her skin “healthy, hydrated, and flawless in a flash.”

For an instant dose of Barbie-like, red-carpet-ready skin à la Margot Robbie, shop the mistable veil of skin-perfecting color, the Alleven Colour Shield, starting at $48.

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